Uncovering Alix Bailey Artistic Talent and Marriage to Louis C.K.

An image of Alix Bailey
Alix Bailey Painter, Everything you need to know about her

Alix Bailey Profile Summary

Full NameAlix Bailey
SpouseLouis C.K.
Birth PlaceWashington D.C., United States
ChildrenKitty Szekely, Mary Louise Szekely
Date of BirthFebruary 3, 1967
OccupationPainter, Actress
EducationBennington College, Indiana University
Net Worth$1 million

American artist Alix Bailey is renowned for her imaginative portraiture. She gained further notoriety as Louis C.K.’s wife.

Bailey was born on February 3, 1967, in Washington, D.C. She most likely learned the craft from her parents, William Bailey and Sandra Stone, both of whom were painters.

She was raised in New Haven, Connecticut, together with her brother Ford.

The family frequently traveled to Italy.

Alix Bailey’s Education

Her early schooling up to and including high school is not well-known.

Bailey, however, is well-read in the arts, and she made the decision to devote her entire life to painting from the beginning.

She studied painting at Vermont’s Bennington College, a liberal arts college, where she was enrolled.

Bailey then pursued a Master’s in Fine Arts at Indiana University after that.

She studied at the university with well-known painters and artists including Sidney Tillim and Pat Adams.

How she met and married Louis C.K

At a New Year’s Eve celebration in Boston, Alix met Louis.

At the occasion, Louis had become very inebriated and had absurdly proposed to Alix only five minutes after meeting her.

The latter didn’t do anything but mock him.

However, they eventually crossed paths again through a mutual acquaintance fifteen years later, and this time CK proposed to her without hesitation.

She affirmed it this time. They began dating, and in 1995 they got married.

Alix Bailey Marriage and Family

An image of Louis C.K. with his daughters
Louis C.K with his daughters, Kitty and Mary

Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey met when they were both 18 years old in 1986.

It happened during the Boston New Year’s Eve celebration.

According to the legend, Bailey was only asked to marry by an extremely inebriated Louis five minutes later, which caused much hilarity.

But it seemed to be the end of the matter after that.

But as luck would have it, they reconnected through a friend of theirs almost ten years later.

Before being married in 1995, they were in a long-term relationship.

Kitty Szekely, born on March 22, 2002, and Mary Louise Szekely, born three years later, in 2005, were the couple’s two lucky daughters.

However, they divorced in 2008 after their marriage broke down shortly after the birth of their second child.

They said that despite attending marriage counseling, they could no longer make each other happy.

The couple had amicable conditions for their divorce, and they share custody of their daughters.

In reality, eight years after their divorce, the two bought a home together in Greenwich, New York, for over $500,000 in 2016.

There, Bailey resides with their kids.

Alix Bailey Career

Bailey started painting professionally in order to pursue her life’s ambition.

She began developing her talent by creating self portraits and paintings of her loved ones.

She is now well regarded, and some of her pieces have been shown at well-known art shows and galleries in New York, Connecticut, and Italy.

Bailey is regarded as one of America’s most gifted painters.

She belongs to the nonprofit art gallery “The Painting Center” in New York.

Bailey has a second gift in acting, as do many artists.

Her filmography includes roles in films including Searching for Nixon, Pootie Tang, and Spooky Steakout.

In the comedy Tomorrow Night, which her then-husband Louis C.K. wrote and produced, she made her acting debut in 1998.

Alix Bailey Net Worth

Aside from her ex-husband’s wealth, Alix Bailey has made a respectable living as a painter and is thought to be worth more than $1 million.


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