Andi Rock: All You Need To Know About Her

This article provides information about Andi Rock, the younger sister of comedian Chris Rock, her parents, siblings, early life, career, and personal life.

It discusses Andi Rock’s career as a therapist, her passion for football, and her private life, including her marriage in 2020.

The article also touches upon the lives and careers of Andi’s parents and siblings, including Chris Rock’s career in comedy and his earnings.

Andi rock

Who is Andi Rock?

Chris Rock is a well-known comedian, but few know about his younger sister, Andi Rock. Beyond being Chris’s little sister, who is Andi Rock?

The Rock siblings have other siblings, but what are their occupations and interests?

Additionally, what were their parents like? Is Andi a comedian like her older brother or does she have a distinct career path? Also, is she in a relationship, and if so, with whom?

If you’re curious about the youngest and only sister of the Rock siblings, Andi Rock, then read on. You’ll learn all the answers and more.

Who are Andi Rock’s parents and siblings?

Christopher Julius Rock, an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director, has a sister named Andi Rock. Andi is the youngest of seven brothers and the only female among them. She was born in 1985.

Andi is a writer and producer, but her primary profession is being a therapist specializing in working with autistic children. She currently resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Andi Rock’s Parents

Julius Rock, Andi’s father, held two jobs as a truck driver and a newspaper deliveryman. Meanwhile, Rosalie Rock, her future mother, worked as an educator and social worker.

Sadly, Julius passed away in 1988 following surgery for an ulcer.

Andi Rock’s siblings

Chris Rock is the eldest of Andi’s seven siblings, which includes Jordan Rock, Kenny Rock, Andre Rock, Tony Rock, Brian Rock, and Andi Rock, her younger sister.

Charles Rock, their older half-brother, passed away in 2006 after battling alcoholism.

Chris was accompanied by his friends, Jordan, Tony, and Kenny, into the entertainment industry. She i the youngest of the Rock children, is also part of the family.

Andi Rock’s Early Life

Andi Rock, who is now 37 years old, was born on March 19th, 1985 in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Brooklyn along with her siblings. Andi is one of the youngest children in her family.

Andi’s mother, Rosalie Rock, worked as a teacher and social worker for children with intellectual disabilities. She also hosted The Mom Show and authored a book titled Mama Rock’s Rules.

Although Andi lost her father at a young age, she had strong male support from her older brothers.

Andi Rock: Chris Rock's Sister is happily married.

Andi Rock’s oldest brother

Chris Rock, the oldest of Andi Rock’s siblings, was born on February 7th, 1965, in South Carolina. However, he and his family relocated to New York soon after.

As a child, Chris was relentlessly bullied, resulting in him dropping out of high school, but he later obtained his GED.

Despite his success, Chris has faced racial profiling throughout his life, which he has discussed openly.

Chris Rock started his comedic career in 1984 at New York’s Catch a Rising Star comedy club. His stand-up routine caught the attention of Eddie Murphy, who became his mentor.

Chris’ oldest brother Andi also began appearing in movies such as Beverly Hills Cop II and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Later, Chris became a popular cast member on the sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1993. Since then, his career has continued to grow, becoming even more successful.

Is she Chris Rock’s only sister?

Andi Rock is the only sister among six brothers, one of whom is the renowned comedian Chris Rock. Chris dropped out of high school to pursue a successful career in comedy, with multiple sold-out stand-up shows and appearances in celebrated movies.

He is not the only brother to have achieved fame in the entertainment industry.

Brian has become a church minister. Meanwhile, Jordan Rock, the youngest in the family, is pursuing a career in entertainment.

He possesses a talent for comedy and has appeared in the popular movie “Big Time Adolescence,” which starred Pete Davidson and others.

Andi’s father, Julius, worked as a truck driver and a newspaper delivery man. Sadly, he passed away when Andi was only three years old due to a failed ulcer surgery in 1988.

Andi’s mother is still alive and has worked as both a teacher and a social worker for people with mental disabilities.

Is Andi Rock married?

Andi Rock got married in 2020 in a simple and private ceremony. The identity of her husband remains unknown.

What is Andi Rock’s Net Worth?

Many believe that Andi’s net worth is not over one million dollars. Despite her brother’s fame, Andi has managed to keep a low profile and live an anonymous life.

She has been successful in maintaining her privacy.

Andi Rock is a therapist and a football fan

Rock attended Georgetown High School before enrolling in Winthrop University for her tertiary education.

She decided to pursue a career in therapy, specializing in treating autistic children. It’s believed that she followed in her mother’s footsteps.

Andi is dedicated to a career helping those in need. She is also an avid football enthusiast who attends games regularly, as seen on her social media.

Aside from her work and hobbies, Andi enjoys traveling with friends and occasionally visiting her family, with whom she maintains a good relationship.

Chris Rock’s earnings

Chris Rock is one of the highest-paid comedians in the world while on tour, consistently claiming the top spot.

Between June 2016 and June 2017, he earned around $60 million in salary and other income.

In the following year, between June 2017 and June 2018, Chris brought in $30 million in revenue.

Chris Rock, older brother to Andi Rock

Chris Rock’s childhood life and career

Christopher Julius Rock was born on February 7, 1965, in Andrews, South Carolina, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

He experienced bullying at predominantly white schools and eventually dropped out of high school to get his GED while working in fast-food restaurants.

In 1984, Rock began his career as a stand-up comedian and gained recognition over time, including a role in “Miami Vice” and being mentored by Eddie Murphy, who also cast him in “Beverly Hills Cop II.” He is not known as “The King of Rock and Roll.”


Andi Rock is the youngest of seven siblings and the only female among them. She is a therapist specializing in working with autistic children and is also a writer and producer.

Her father was a truck driver and a newspaper deliveryman, while her mother worked as an educator and social worker.

Andi’s older brother, Chris Rock, is a well-known comedian. Her net worth is not publicly known, and she keeps a low profile. She got married in 2020 in a simple and private ceremony, and her husband’s identity is unknown.


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