Asa Butterfield Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Much He’s Worth!

Asa Butterfield Net Worth: How Much Does the Sex Education Star Make?

Asa Butterfield is one of the most popular young actors in Hollywood today.

He has starred in several blockbuster movies and TV shows, such as Hugo, Ender’s Game, and Sex Education.

But how much does he earn from his acting career?

And what are his other sources of income?

In this article, I will reveal the net worth of Asa Butterfield, his salary, his endorsements, and his lifestyle.

Asa Butterfield, the accomplished actor known for his roles in Hollywood, showcasing his humble and charitable side.
Asa Butterfield, a talent in Hollywood with a net worth of $7 million, embraces a modest lifestyle and channels his success toward philanthropy. [PHOTO: Instagram]

Asa Butterfield: A Brief Biography

Asa Butterfield, born on April 1, 1997, in London, England, embarked on his acting journey at age seven.

His breakout role came in the Holocaust drama “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” (2008), earning him accolades.

He gained international recognition as Hugo Cabret in Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” (2011) and as Ender Wiggin in “Ender’s Game” (2013).

Butterfield continues to impress with roles in “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and the Netflix series “Sex Education.”

Asa Butterfield: His Net Worth and Salary

As of now, Asa Butterfield boasts an estimated net worth of $7 million, primarily sourced from his flourishing acting career, music production, and video game design endeavors.

The actor further enhances his earnings through lucrative brand endorsements for companies like Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Netflix.

While precise details of his earnings per project remain undisclosed, Butterfield is believed to command substantial fees for his roles.


He reportedly earned $500,000 for his role in “Ender’s Game” (2013), plus a cut of the movie’s gross revenue, which was $125.5 million.

While specifics regarding his compensation for “Sex Education” remain undisclosed, speculation points to an estimated $100,000 per episode.

Given the show’s immense popularity, with over 40 million viewers in its initial month on Netflix, Butterfield continues to enjoy a steady income from his involvement.

Asa Butterfield: His Lifestyle and Expenses

Despite his fame and wealth, Asa Butterfield lives modestly, preferring privacy over flaunting extravagance on social media.

He invests his resources in personal interests like music, gaming, and travel.


As “Comet Blue,” Butterfield, a self-taught musician, showcases his talent by playing the guitar, piano, and drums.

His original tracks, such as “Space” and “Wild Love,” are available on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify.

A passionate gamer, Butterfield immerses himself in virtual worlds like Minecraft and Fortnite.

He also dabbles in game development, creating titles like “Racing Apex” using tools like the Unity engine.

Beyond his hobbies, Butterfield enjoys exploring destinations worldwide, sharing his travels on Instagram, where he has over 5 million followers.

Additionally, he supports charitable organizations like UNICEF and WWF, using his platform for positive change.


Asa Butterfield stands as a prominent figure in the entertainment world, renowned for his remarkable talent and successful career.

With a net worth of $7 million, he opts for a modest lifestyle, directing his resources towards his passions and interests.

Moreover, Butterfield exemplifies generosity and compassion, utilizing his platform to advocate for various causes.

Therefore, he earns admiration and serving as an inspiration to countless individuals globally.

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