Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates

Introducing the participants of Season 8’s Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates.

Get ready to relive the captivating drama, excitement, and camaraderie as 20 beloved contestants from previous seasons reunite to compete for the incredible prize of N120 Million.

Stay updated on the latest developments, explore fascinating facts, and gain valuable insights throughout the journey.

An image of Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates
Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates
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Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija, previously known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a highly popular Nigerian reality competition series based on the international Big Brother franchise.

In this unique show, housemates live together in isolation, competing for a significant cash prize and other rewards.

Eviction plays a crucial role, as viewers vote to determine who stays and who leaves.

The show’s success has made it a cultural phenomenon in Nigeria and Africa, captivating audiences with drama and entertainment.

With diverse housemates from various backgrounds, each season offers a compelling viewing experience.

The current eighth season, “All Stars,” brings back beloved contestants from previous seasons for an exciting and nostalgic journey.

Evictions occur periodically, with viewers voting to save their favorite All-Star housemates, ensuring fairness through verification by the Alexander-Forbes auditing company.

Big Brother Naija has not only provided entertainment but also served as a platform for fame and opportunities in entertainment, media, and entrepreneurship.

Its impact on pop culture and massive following demonstrate its significant influence in shaping conversations and trends in Nigeria.

This iconic reality competition remains highly anticipated and talked about, leaving a profound mark on Nigerian television.

As “All Stars” unfolds, fans eagerly await the ultimate All-Star champion and the grand cash prize winner.

Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates

The Big Brother Naija All Stars commenced with an electrifying start on Sunday, as housemates compete for the grand prize of N120 Million.

Hosted by Ebuka Obi Uchendu, this season features a captivating reunion of selected housemates from previous editions, promising excitement for fans.

Organizers revealed that these All-Stars will be staying in the house for 72 days, entertaining viewers not only in Nigeria but also across Africa and beyond.

Here’s the list of the 20 All-Stars housemates, guaranteeing an engaging TV experience for the entire 10-week duration. Get ready to be glued to your screens!

  • Cee Cee
  • Mercy
  • Kiddwaya
  • Frodd
  • Pere
  • Angel
  • Neo
  • Alex
  • Tolanibaj
  • Cross
  • Seyi
  • Whitemoney
  • Uriel
  • Doyin
  • Princess
  • Soma
  • Ike
  • Ilebaye
  • Venita
  • Adekunle

Big Brother Naija Season 8 Housemates in 2023

The long-awaited All-Stars edition of Big Brother Naija is finally here, promising an electrifying and entertaining season.

With 20 carefully chosen captivating housemates from previous editions, the stage is set for an unforgettable competition, brimming with excitement, drama, and the chance to win an astonishing prize of N120 Million.


Famous for her captivating and sometimes contentious persona, Cee-C is set to make a spectacular comeback to the Big Brother house.

Her fiery demeanor and memorable moments from the previous season have left a lasting impression on fans, who are eagerly anticipating what she will bring to the table this time around.


Kiddwaya’s presence in the All-Stars season is eagerly awaited, given his charismatic charm and privileged background.

He captivated viewers in his previous season, and now, he returns to make a splash and provide entertainment for the audience once more.

Alex Asogwa

Alex, affectionately known as Alex Unusual, is all set to bring her lively and authentic persona back to the Big Brother house.

Her positive energy and distinctive style left a lasting impact in her previous season, making her a beloved fan favorite.

Fans are thrilled to welcome her return and experience her infectious enthusiasm and genuine personality once again.


Frodd, the soft-spoken investment adviser and sales executive, is back with a strategic approach, aiming to go even further in the competition this time.

Viewers greatly appreciated his composed demeanor and unwavering determination in his previous season.

Now, they eagerly await to witness how he navigates the challenges and makes his mark once again in the house.

Seyi Awolowo

Seyi, the grandson of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, returns to the Big Brother house equipped with charm and intelligence.

His eyes are set on the crown he narrowly missed in his previous season.

With his presence, the house gains a touch of sophistication, and fans are eagerly anticipating seeing him in action once more.

Uriel Oputa

Uriel, the multi-talented singer, compere, and businesswoman, is back with a triumphant return to delight fans with her infectious energy and vivacious personality.

Her captivating presence left a strong impression on viewers in her previous season, and they are eagerly looking forward to experiencing her lively energy once more.

Ikechukwu Onyema (Ike BBnaija)

Ike, the stylish model and influencer, is all set to grace the house with his fashion-forward style and irresistible charm.

Renowned for his supportive nature towards fellow housemates and captivating presence, Ike returns with the aim of winning hearts once again.

Venita Akpofure

Venita, the British-Nigerian actress, and video vixen, makes a stunning comeback to grace the screens with her captivating presence and self-assured demeanor.

Her addition brought spice to her previous season, and fans are thrilled with anticipation to see what she has in store this time around.


As a determined Enugu State businesswoman and Double Wahala alumna, she is all set to dazzle the continent with her sheer awesomeness.

The cherished memories and meaningful connections from her previous season have fueled her eagerness to create new and unforgettable moments in the All-Stars edition.

Get ready to be entertained!


Soma, the multi-talented entertainer from Imo state, returns to the Big Brother house for a second chance to prove himself.

Coming from a family of talented entertainers, he is determined to make this season the one where he takes the crown home.

With confidence in his abilities, Soma is ready to give it his all and leave a mark on the show.


Neoenergy, the 29-year-old entertainment entrepreneur and former Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate is eagerly seizing his second chance at winning the coveted prize.

With determination and a positive aura, he believes his charisma and good energy will be instrumental in achieving his goal in the All-Stars edition.

Get ready to witness his relentless pursuit of success!


Adekunle, the former BBNaija Level Up reality star, returns to Big Brother Naija, this time as a contestant in the All-Stars edition.

Since his last appearance in Biggie’s corridors, much has changed – he now proudly sports an ear piercing, a ‘first’ for this charming Lagos native.

Adekunle views his previous experience on the show as a valuable learning curve, providing him with a new perspective on life.

With that experience as his foundation, he aspires to reach the top and achieve success in this season’s All-Stars edition.

Pere Egbi 

Pere, the spontaneous and adventurous housemate, is anticipated to infuse the All-Star edition with unpredictable twists and turns.

Fans are thrilled to witness how he adds spice to the game this time, making it an exciting and thrilling experience.

Angel Agnes Smith

Angel, the fun-loving and drama-filled Gen Z, is all geared up to inject excitement and entertainment into the competition.

Her youthful energy and unique approach to life promise to keep viewers thoroughly engaged and enthralled throughout the season.

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with Angel!

Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David (Doyin)

Get ready to witness the dynamic personality and ambitious spirit of Doyin, the e-hailing service driver and business owner, as she takes the stage.

Her determination and go-getter attitude will undoubtedly make her an intriguing housemate to watch.

Anticipate an exciting journey with Doyin!

BBNaija Ilebaye (Ilebaye Precious Odiniya)

BBNaija Ilebaye, the young lawyer, entrepreneur, model, and reality TV star, is all set to infuse the All-Stars edition with her youthful energy and ambitions.

With her intelligence and drive, she promises to be an interesting and captivating competitor in the house.

Get ready to witness her brilliance and determination on display!

Mercy Eke

Mercy, the media personality, actress, and entrepreneur hailing from Imo State, is no newcomer to the Big Brother house.

As the triumphant winner of season 4, she created history as the first woman to claim victory in the reality show.

With her unmatched confidence and charisma, she is destined to stand out once again, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


Whitemoney, the talented singer, songwriter, and reality TV star, has his sights set on maintaining his winning streak from season 6.

His exceptional cooking skills, humor, and captivating personality have already endeared him to many hearts.

Anticipation is high among fans as they eagerly await to see what he has in store for the All-Stars edition, ready to be charmed once again.


Cross arrives with an adventurous spirit, driven by a desire for food, women, free electricity, and, of course, money.

His outgoing nature and knack for connecting with various people are bound to keep the house buzzing with energy and excitement.

Brace yourselves for an eventful and lively time with Cross!


Tolanibaj, the media personality hailing from Lagos state, is all set to grace the All-Star edition with her captivating presence.

Her strong opinions and confident demeanor are sure to ignite discussions and drama in the house, promising an engaging and enthralling experience for viewers.

Get ready for an eventful time with Tolanibaj!

As the All-Stars step into the Big Brother house, excitement fills the air as fans eagerly await an unforgettable 72-day journey brimming with drama, emotions, and thrilling moments. With a diverse group of housemates ranging from controversial to charismatic, the stage is set for captivating entertainment and fierce competition for the coveted prize of N120 million. Stay tuned as the All-Stars embark on this enthralling journey in the Big Brother Naija house, promising an unmissable experience for all viewers!

Who are the Ninjas in Big Brother Naija?

In Big Brother Naija, enigmatic and stealthy figures known as ninjas play a significant role by delivering various items related to tasks, twists, or activities.

They don black clothing and masks, maintaining silence during their appearances in the house.

The ninjas possess unique abilities, even climbing onto the roof, adding to their mysterious aura.

Their primary function is to ensure the smooth functioning of tasks and activities in the house, delivering essential items and props required for challenges.

Anticipated by housemates, their appearances signal the start of new tasks or delivery of critical information, often occurring at midnight to maintain surprise.

While mainly appearing during the night, they may also show up unexpectedly during the day when needed.

Additionally, the ninjas act as “fixers,” repairing or replacing damaged items inside the house to keep it running smoothly.

The concept of ninjas was introduced in Pinoy Big Brother and later incorporated into Big Brother Australia, eventually becoming an integral part of Big Brother Naija.

They not only deliver items but also engage in tasks, occasionally playing adversaries during challenges that require defense tactics or elements of surprise.

In summary, the silent and masked ninjas in Big Brother Naija play a crucial behind-the-scenes role, delivering tasks, items, and props to the house, adding intrigue and surprise to the show’s entertainment value and keeping the housemates engaged throughout their Big Brother journey.

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