Constance Wu Net Worth: How She Became One of the Richest Asian-American Actresses

Constance Wu Net Worth: How She Became One of the Richest Asian-American Actresses

Constance Wu is a talented and versatile actress who has made a name for herself in both television and film.

She is best known for her roles as Jessica Huang on the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and as Rachel Chu on the blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians.

She has also starred in other acclaimed projects, such as Hustlers, The Feels, and Dimension 404.

But how much is Constance Wu worth, and how did she achieve her wealth and success?

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Constance Wu’s net worth, and how she became one of the richest Asian-American actresses in Hollywood.

A portrait photo of Constance Wu, a successful actress known for her roles in television and film.
Constance Wu’s net worth reflects her success in Hollywood, making her one of the wealthiest Asian-American actresses. [PHOTO: Newsweek]

Constance Wu’s Early Life and Education

Constance Wu was born on March 22, 1982, in Richmond, Virginia, to Taiwanese immigrant parents.

Growing up in a culturally rich environment, she developed a passion for the performing arts from an early age.

After attending the National School of the Arts, where she refined her acting, singing, and dancing skills, Wu earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In acting from the State University of New York at Purchase in 2005.

Alongside her television work, Wu also engaged in theater productions, displaying her versatility across various artistic domains.

Including singing and dancing, earning her recognition through numerous awards and competitions.

Constance Wu’s Breakthrough Roles and Awards

Constance Wu rose to prominence with her role as Jessica Huang on Fresh Off the Boat.

A comedy series that depicts a Taiwanese American family navigating life in 1990s Florida.

Her portrayal garnered critical acclaim and multiple award nominations, cementing her status as a household name.

Wu further solidified her place in Hollywood with her role as Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians, a romantic comedy film celebrated for its representation and success at the box office.

She has also showcased her talent in diverse projects like Hustlers and Solos, earning accolades and expanding her repertoire across film and television.

Constance Wu’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Constance Wu’s estimated net worth stands at $6 million, attributed to her successful acting career and lucrative endorsements.

While she graces the pages of renowned magazines and represents top brands like L’Oréal and Revlon, Wu maintains a low-key lifestyle.

Despite her Hollywood status, she values privacy and does not ostentatiously display her wealth.

Wu, who welcomed a daughter in 2020 with musician and screenwriter Ryan Kattner, is also recognized for her activism supporting LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and animal welfare.

As a committed vegan, she has even extended her compassion to adopting two pet rabbits.


Constance Wu has carved a distinguished path in the entertainment industry as a versatile and acclaimed actress, leaving an indelible mark on both television and film.

With numerous nominations and accolades under her belt, she stands as a beacon for Asian-American representation in Hollywood.

Her estimated net worth of $6 million attests to her dedication and recognition in the industry.

Constance Wu’s journey is a testament to her talent and resilience, making her one of the most influential and affluent Asian-American actresses in Hollywood today.

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