Who Holds Daddy Yankee Heart? Meet His Mysterious Wife

Daddy Yankee and  his wife, Mireddys González have been together since their high school days and tied the knot in 1995.

Before adopting the persona of Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican rapper, born Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, had already crossed paths with his future wife.

An image of Daddy Yankee and His wife Mireddys González
Meet Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys Gonzalez after a show. Courtesy: people.com

Their union in 1995 resulted in a family, with a daughter named Jesaaelys and a son named Jeremy. Additionally, the artist has another daughter named Yamilet from a previous relationship.

So, who is the King of Reggaetón’s queen?

Mireddys and the “Dura” singer have a history that dates back to their high school days.

Following years of courtship, the couple exchanged vows on March 20, 1995.

Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 2020, González penned a heartfelt tribute in Spanish alongside a nostalgic photo, expressing, “25 years ago, I made the most incredible choice of my life with the most extraordinary man in the world.”

She further conveyed her profound feelings of “love, respect, and admiration” for Daddy Yankee, acknowledging him as the epitome of an ideal husband that every woman dreams of having.

Yankee Kids

González and Daddy Yankee welcomed their daughter Jesaaelys into the world in June 1996.

Jesaaelys has openly expressed her gratitude for her parents on multiple occasions.

On their anniversary in 2020, she took to Instagram to share her appreciation, saying, “I am incredibly grateful to GOD for blessing me with parents like you, who consistently instilled vital life lessons—values, respect, the significance of having GOD in everything, and the importance of gratitude for all that we have.”

Their son, Jeremy, joined the family in May 1998, completing their loving household.


Daddy Yankee frequently uses the term “jefa” to refer to his wife, which translates to “female boss” in English. This term reflects his admiration and respect for her, highlighting her strong and influential role in their relationship and family dynamics.

An image of Mireddys González and Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys González at an event Courtesy of people.com

How she felt about Yankee Career

In 2018, González replied to a fan’s comment questioning her absence by her husband’s side at an awards ceremony.

She responded, translated to English, saying, “I am!!!! But I’m where I belong because the star here is @daddyyankeee. I feel HAPPY watching him shine from my place.”

Following this interaction, she reposted a screenshot of the conversation on her Instagram, possibly to address the comment publicly and share her perspective on supporting her husband’s success from a different vantage point.

About Yankee Retirement

When Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from music in March 2022, González expressed conflicting emotions.

Sharing her husband’s announcement video on Instagram, she wrote in Spanish, “Today I have mixed feelings, I am HAPPY and SAD!!!! It is ironic that on a day like today, March 20, as we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I hear you tell the WORLD that you are retiring from MUSIC that has been your passion for these last three decades.

Soon it’s your turn to say goodbye to the stage. You’ve enjoyed Daddy Yankee for so long, but now it’s up to Raymond Ayala to enjoy what he’s built.”

She further added, “Sometimes endings are the beginning of great things.”

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