Doja Cat Instagram: Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Streets’ Rapper

Doja Cat, a highly popular artist, gained fame with the 2018 viral hit “Mooo!”.

Her albums, Hot Pink and Planet Her, highlight her diverse music skills.

Collaborations include Nicki Minaj, SZA, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande.

Besides music, she’s a social media sensation with 25+ million Instagram followers (@dojacat).

She shares music, fashion, and cat-related content, and engages with fans through live streams and stories, offering personal insights.

For Doja Cat enthusiasts or those curious, her Instagram provides intriguing glimpses.

An image of Doja Cat
Doja Cat loses over 230k Instagram followers after dissing fans / REUTERS.


What Did Doja Cat Do On Instagram?

Doja Cat’s Instagram is renowned for its unpredictability and adventurous content, often sparking headlines and conversations among her followers and the public.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • In August 2020, she surprised fans by shaving her head and eyebrows live on Instagram. This bold change was driven by her desire for freedom from wigs. She shared photos of her new look, featuring creatively drawn eyebrow designs.

  • In July 2020, she shared unsettling selfies on Instagram, showing a nosebleed while wearing a blonde wig, white underwear, red contact lenses, and butterfly stickers on her eyes. The caption “blablablablab” and a teddy bear emoji left fans puzzled and worried for her.
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  • In May 2020, she faced allegations of racism and homophobia due to old videos of her in chat rooms with white supremacists. Backlash arose over a derogatory term in her song. She later apologized on Instagram live, denying the accusations and expressing remorse for any harm caused.

  • In March 2020, she started on Twitch, streaming games and interacting with fans as dojacattington. She has 400K+ followers and enjoys horror games (e.g., Little Nightmares, Resident Evil Village) and popular titles like GTA V and Animal Crossing.

How Old Is Doja Cat Today?

Born on October 21, 1995, in LA, Doja Cat is now 27, with a Libra zodiac known for balance, charm, and artistry.

Does Doja Have A Pet?

Doja Cat adores animals, especially cats, and owns three of her own: Alex (black), Ray (Oriental shorthair), and Froderick “Frodo” Frankenstein (Lykoi).

Her Instagram features their charming antics.

She’s a strong animal rights advocate, teaming up with PETA in 2020 to promote shelter adoptions over buying from stores or breeders.

She also supported the Best Friends Animal Society through a virtual benefit concert.

How Many Followers Does Doja Cat Have On Instagram?

As of August 2021, Doja Cat boasts 25M+ Instagram followers, ranking her among the top 100 global accounts.

Her fame surged via viral TikTok hits like “Say So” and “Streets”.

Yet, controversies caused follower fluctuations.

In July 2021, she lost 180K+ followers for lashing out at fans, and faced criticism for dating comedian J. Cyrus, accused of misconduct.

Nevertheless, Doja Cat stays influential on Instagram, sharing music updates (e.g., “Planet Her” album with SZA, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Young Thug, JID), alongside glimpses of personal life – hobbies, travels, relationships.


Doja Cat, a versatile artist, has gained prominence in music and social media.

Her Instagram, @dojacat, mirrors her persona, exhibiting her talent, creativity, and humor.

She employs the platform to engage with fans and convey herself authentically.

Whether a music enthusiast or not, Doja Cat captivates followers with her unpredictably creative posts, maintaining their curiosity and interest.

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