Edward Furlong Net Worth, Career, Controversies and Wife

This article talks about Edward Furlong, an American actor, musician, and model. It discusses his net worth, which is estimated to be $500,000.

Furlong is most known for his role as John Connor in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” and he has also starred in other movies such as “American History X,” “Detroit Rock City,” and “Pet Sematary Two.”

The article also delves into Furlong’s troubled personal life, including his tumultuous home life and a series of legal issues.

Edward Furlong Net worth

Edward Furlong Net Worth

Edward Furlong, an American actor, has a net worth of $500,000. He gained fame as a child actor in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and appeared in movies like “American History X,” “Detroit Rock City,” and “Pet Sematary Two.” In 2019, he returned to the Terminator universe in “Terminator:

Dark Fate” alongside Linda Hamilton. However, he has garnered negative attention due to his troubled personal life, which has resulted in multiple arrests and rehab stays.

Edward Furlong profile

NameEdward Walter Furlong
Net Worth (2023)$500,000
Monthly Income And Salary$2,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary$20,000 +
Last Updated2023

Edward Furlong assets

Edward Furlong, a once-successful actor, saw his career decline due to bad habits.

He currently resides in his California home and has no other properties of note.

Despite his career setbacks, he remains hopeful for a comeback. However, there is no information available regarding any cars he may or may not own.

What Furlong has been earning since 2018

Net Worth in 2023$500,000 
Net Worth in 2022$460,000
Net Worth in 2021$420,000
Net Worth in 2020$400,000
Net Worth in 2019$350,000
Net Worth in 2018N/A

Edward Furlong Biography

Edward Walter Furlong, an American of Mexican and partly Russian descent, was born in Glendale, California.

Although he spent his early childhood there, he later lived with his aunt and her half-brother for a period of time.

Unfortunately, Edward struggled with drug and alcohol addiction from a young age, leading to a heavy backlash that included imprisonment and the end of his marriage.

He sought help and went through rehab two or three times to overcome his addiction.

Edward Furlong net worth and education

Edward Furlong completed his early and high school studies at South Pasadena Middle School. He did not pursue higher education as he began acting in films at a young age.

At 13 years old, he started his acting career in movies and television.

Edward Furlong Early Life and Terminator 2

Thirteen-year-old Eddie Furlong was discovered by the casting director for “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” while sitting outside the Pasadena Boys and Girls Club.

His role in the film caused complications in his tumultuous home life, as he went to live with his aunt and uncle who served as his managers.

Furlong’s finances were protected by a court-appointed attorney during the film’s production. After the release, his mother and aunt, who were his legal guardians, were engaged in a custody dispute over his earnings until his mother regained custody in 1994.

His performance in the film earned him MTV Movie and Saturn Awards.

Edward Furlong Net Worth, Terminator 2 salary and family woes

Edward Furlong earned $75,000 for his role in Terminator 2, which is equivalent to $150,000 in today’s dollars.

However, the money caused trouble for his already-troubled family.

During filming, his aunt and uncle served as his guardians, controlling his money and overspending on their lifestyle.

His tutor and stand-in, Jacqueline Domac, had a sexual relationship with him when he was 14, leading to domestic abuse allegations later on. In 1993, he earned $350,000 for his role in “Brainscan” and had constant fights with his aunt and uncle on set.

Eventually, they were banished, and his mother became his legal guardian. He and Domac lived together on a $2,500 monthly allowance.

What came after Terminator 2

In 1992, Edward starred in the fantasy horror sequel film “Pet Sematary Two.”

Although it was not as successful as the first film, it still made a moderate profit at the box office, earning $17 million off an $8 million budget.

The following year, he appeared in two more movies: the romantic crime drama “American Hearts,” alongside Jeff Bridges, and the biographical drama “A Home of Our Own,” alongside Kathy Bates.

In 1994, he starred in the crime drama “Little Odessa” and the comedy horror film “Brainscan.”

As he grew older, Edward continued to act alongside talented actors.

In 1996, he starred in the crime drama “Before and After” alongside Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson.

Unfortunately, the movie was a commercial failure. In 1998, Edward was cast in his most critically acclaimed film, “American History X,” where he played the younger brother of a reformed neo-Nazi played by Edward Norton.

Although the film received critical acclaim, it didn’t perform well at the box office to improve Edward Furlong net worth. Norton was nominated for an Oscar for his performance.

That same year, Edward played the title character in the dramedy film “Pecker.”

Edward Furlong net worth



Edward Furlong net worth, legal issues and drug abuse

Furlong, a former child actor who entered the entertainment industry without proper support, has faced various personal issues.

He has struggled with alcoholism, heroin, and cocaine addiction and has been involved in incidents of domestic violence with his partners.

He has been to rehab multiple times and has faced legal consequences for his actions, including jail time and probation.

However, he has since committed to sobriety and occasionally attends fan meet and greets with his former girlfriend Monica Keena.

What is the name of Edward Furlong’s wife?

Edward Furlong is currently in a relationship with Monica Keena. However, he is not married to anyone at the moment.

It is important to note that Furlong and Keena have been together for a while now.

They have been seen attending events and spending time together, indicating that their relationship is serious.

Despite this, Furlong has not yet tied the knot with Keen.


Edward Furlong is an American actor known for his role as John Connor in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” His net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $500,000.

Despite his successful acting career, he has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, resulting in legal issues and rehab stays.

Furlong has no notable assets other than his California home. He started his acting career at the age of 13, and his performance in “Terminator 2” earned him critical acclaim and MTV Movie and Saturn Awards.

He appeared in several other movies, including “American History X” and “Detroit Rock City.” However, his career decline has been attributed to his addiction problems.


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