Enrica Cenzatti: Everything About Andrea Bocelli’s First Wife

Enrica Cenzatti gained fame as the inaugural spouse of the Italian opera tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Following a decade of marital companionship, the couple underwent an abrupt separation. The question arises: where does Enrica Cenzatti find herself in the present day?

Enrica Cenzatti

Who Is Enrica Cenzatti?

Enrica Cenzatti, an Italian businesswoman, came into the spotlight as the initial partner of Italian opera tenor Andrea Bocelli.

They wed in June 1992 and had two children before an unexpected divorce ended their ten-year union.

Despite being recognized as Bocelli’s former wife, details about Enrica Cenzatti’s family and career remain largely undisclosed.

Born on January 1st, 1969, in Pisa, Italy, her life post-divorce has largely remained out of the public eye.

Her family background and early life remain largely undisclosed. In her teenage years, she pursued her education while residing in the city of Pisa.


Enrica Cenzatti, an Italian businesswoman, became widely known mainly through her marriage to Andrea Bocelli, an Italian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and tenor celebrated for his enchanting voice.

While details about Enrica’s post-early years career are unavailable, Andrea initiated his musical journey in 1992 by collaborating with Zucchero and Luciano Pavarotti on the hit song “Miserere.”

From then on, he has launched 15 solo studio albums that encompass both classical and pop genres, amassing a global record sale of over 90 million copies.

Enrica Cenzatti’s Husband, Marriage & Divorce

Enrica Cenzatti had a prior marriage to Andrea Bocelli, an Italian musician, songwriter, and tenor who held a significant place in her heart.

Their matrimonial union took place in 1992; however, it concluded with a divorce in 2002.

Encountering her ex-husband Andrea Bocelli at the age of 17 in a piano bar marked a pivotal moment for Enrica Cenzatti.

His captivating voice and singing left a profound impression on her. Their romantic journey commenced from that point, leading to a relationship and eventual dating.

Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli’s children

Enrica and Andrea Bocelli had two sons, Amos Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli. Amos was born in February 1995, followed by Matteo’s birth in October 1997.

Following the divorce, they made a mutual decision to co-parent their children.

Enrica and her sons resided in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy, while Andrea established his residence in a nearby villa.

Presently, both boys have reached adulthood, with Matteo choosing to follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in music.

Net Worth

Enrica Cenzatti’s current estimated net worth is approximately $5 million.

Despite the widespread curiosity about her financial status, she has chosen to keep her earnings and overall wealth confidential.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Andrea Bocelli boasts a substantial net worth exceeding $100 million, amassed through his triumphant music career.

With a global record sale of over 90 million units, Andrea stands as one of Italy’s most distinguished musicians in history.