Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth: How He Built a $40 Million Fortune

Gabriel Iglesias’ net worth is projected to be over $40 million in 2023.

Fluffy is the stage name of American comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias.

Iglesias is most known for his television programs “Hot and Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy.

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Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth 2023

His incredible stand-up comedy is a mix of storytelling, characters, sound effects, and parodies that brings the comedian’s personal experiences to life.

A well-known comedian, actor, and producer, Gabriel Iglesias has enthralled audiences all over the world with his distinct brand of stand-up comedy.

Iglesias was born on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California.

He had six siblings and a single mother who reared him, which inspired him to begin honing his humorous abilities at a young age.

Iglesias captivates audiences with his insightful and entertaining takes on daily life and culture, delivered in a friendly and fascinating manner.

His comedy is more current and authentic since he draws inspiration from his personal life, which includes his family, relationships, and travels.

Throughout his career in the entertainment sector, Iglesias has played to packed houses at concerts all around the world and in the US.

He made appearances on a number of TV programs, including Late Late Show, Tonight Show, and Comedy Central.

In addition to being a great comic, Iglesias is a gifted actor and producer.

He has appeared in several films and television shows, including Magic Mike, The Nut Job, and Mr. Iglesias, in addition to co-creating and producing that show.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth Profile

Net Worth$40 Million
BornJuly 15, 1976
Height1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthProfessional Comedian


Early Life

On July 15, 1976, California welcomed Gabriel Jesus Iglesias into the world.

Iglesias had Type II Diabetes at one point in his life and was raised by a single mother.

He was told by doctors and hospitals that he only had two years left to live.

Then he made the decision to begin living a healthy lifestyle and shedding pounds.

Iglesias began practicing yoga and cutting back on carbs.

He lives in California right now and has a Chihuahua named Bruno.

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Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias, a successful comedian, actor, and producer, has built a successful livelihood in the entertainment industry.

He has worked hard, is talented, and has business sense, which has contributed to his projected $40 million net worth.

One of Iglesias’ main sources of income is his work as a stand-up comedian.

Millions of people have watched his comedy specials on television and streaming media, and he has performed in absolutely sold-out locations all over the world.

He reportedly made $20 million from his comedy tours between June 2018 and June 2019.

Additionally, Iglesias has created a number of comical albums and DVDs, which have increased his income.

In addition to his stand-up work, Iglesias has created a successful career in film and television.

He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including Magic Mike, Coco, and The Nut Job.

In films like Ferdinand and The Star, he also performed the voices for a number of animated characters.

These acting roles have increased Iglesias’s notoriety and audience exposure in addition to raising his net worth.

Profile Summary

Profile SummaryDetails
Net Worth$40 Million
Salary$20 Million
Date of BirthJuly 15, 1976
Place of BirthSan Diego, California
Height5′ 8″
No. of Houses3
No. of Cars5
No. of Awards4

Gabriel Iglesias Movies & TV Shows


  • Magic Mike XXL (2015)
  • The Nut Job (2014)
  • Planes (2013)
  • A Haunted House 2 (2014)
  • El Americano: The Movie (2016)
  • Coco (2017)
  • Ferdinand (2017)
  • Show Dogs (2018)
  • UglyDolls (2019)

TV shows:

  • All That (1999-2000)
  • My Wife and Kids (2002)
  • The Surprising History of Sex and Love (2002)
  • Premium Blend (2002-2003)
  • Last Comic Standing (2006)
  • Family Guy (2007)
  • The Emperor’s New School (2007-2008)
  • Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution (2011-2014)
  • Cristela (2014-2015)
  • Fluffy’s Food Adventures (2015-2017)
  • Mr. Iglesias (2019-2020)

Gabriel Iglesias Family, Wife & Son

Iglesias experienced a difficult childhood as a result of his parents’ quick divorce and his mother’s full parental obligation.

Despite the challenges, Iglesias found solace in comedy and humor, which he eventually learned to apply as a coping mechanism for the challenging circumstances he endured.

To amuse his family and friends, he frequently used impressions and jokes, which helped establish the foundation for his future career.

Iglesias did exceptionally well in speech and theatre classes while attending Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach.

Late in the 1990s, Iglesias started performing in Southern California comedy clubs, which marked the beginning of his humorous career.

His unique humor, which incorporated narrative, impressions, and observational comedy, quickly garnered him followers among audiences.

He became well-known for his ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life and for his ability to make them laugh with his witty and compassionate jokes.

An image of Gabriel Iglesias with his Wife
Gabriel Iglesias with his Wife, Claudia Valdez

Iglesias has never been wed, and it is unknown if he is currently dating anyone.

However, he has ties to a few women, notably Claudia Valdez, with whom he was in a long-term relationship.

Rumor has it that the two met while Valdez was working on Iglesias’ comedy tour as a makeup artist.

Despite the fact that they were engaged and dated for a while, their relationship eventually ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Gabriel Iglesias worth?

It is estimated that Gabriel Iglesias is worth $40 million.

2. How old is Gabriel Iglesias?

On July 15, 1976, Gabriel Iglesias was born. He is now 46 years old.

3. How tall is Gabriel Iglesias?

His height is 1.78 m, which is equal to 5 ft 10 in.