Geffri Hightower Education, Early Life, Career and Life after Graduation

Geffri Hightower Education

Geffri Hightower, a name that’s been making waves in the entertainment industry, is not just a talented actress but also a dedicated student.

Her journey in education is as inspiring as her acting career. Let’s delve into the educational background of this rising star.


Geffri Hightower, the talented actress, engrossed in her educational pursuits, embodying the perfect blend of academics and artistry.
Geffri Hightower: A shining star in the realm of acting, equally dedicated to the pursuit of education. [PHOTO: Twitter]

Geffri Hightower’s early life

She was born Geffri Maya Hightower on February 25, 1995, hails from the vibrant district of South-Central Los Angeles, California.

She belongs to an African-American family.

However, details about her parents and siblings are not publicly available.

Geffri’s journey into the world of acting began at a tender age.

At just nine years old, she made her Broadway debut as Young Nala in Disney’s The Lion King.

Indeed, this early start in the industry meant that she didn’t have a typical childhood.

She had been dancing with Debbie Allen since she was six or seven.

Geffri’s early life is a testament to her dedication and passion for both education and acting.

Geffri Hightower’s age?

Geffri Hightower was born on 25th February 1995.

Indeed, this makes her 28 years old.

Geffri Hightower Early Education

Born as Geffri Maya Hightower, she began her educational journey in her hometown in the United States.

She completed her basic schooling at Alexander Hamilton High School Academy.

This period laid the foundation for her future endeavors, both in academics and in the arts.

Geffri Hightower University Life

After graduating from high school, Geffri didn’t rest on her laurels.

She enrolled in Mass Communication/Media Studies at Clark Atlanta University in 2011.

This choice of major hints at her interest in the media industry, which aligns perfectly with her acting career.

During her time at Clark Atlanta University, she balanced her academic responsibilities with her budding acting career.

Despite the challenges, she graduated and achieved a bachelor’s degree in 2015.

Additionally, this accomplishment speaks volumes about her dedication and tenacity.

Life After Graduation

Post-graduation, Geffri has been focusing on her acting career.

She’s best known for her role as Simone Hicks in the series All American: Homecoming.

Despite her busy schedule, she continues to learn and grow, proving that education doesn’t end with a degree.

Geffri Hightower’s career

Sure, here’s a table summarizing Geffri Hightower’s career:

2004Little NalaThe Lion King (Broadway)Started her Broadway career at the age of nine
2006AllisonJericho (TV Series)Featured in the television series
2008LatrindaEverybody Hates Chris (TV Series)Appeared in the television series
2007-2010Maya BennettPrivate Practice (TV Series)Worked in the role of “Maya Bennett”
2015Southern Lights Over-Exposed: The Visual Album (Short Film)Featured in the visual album
2018The Pre-Quarter Life Crisis (TV Series)Gained fame after her appearance in the comedy series
2020LydiaLoco (Drama)Performed as Lydia, directed and written by Justin Galindo
2020-PresentSimone HicksAll American (TV Series) & All American: Homecoming (TV Series)Joined the cast of the sports drama and continued her role in the spin-off series
2021-PresentKhadijah BrownSnowfall (TV Series) Season 4 2021 for a few episodes

This table provides a snapshot of her journey in the entertainment industry, showcasing her versatility and dedication.

What other shows has Geffri Hightower been in?

Geffri Hightower has showcased her acting prowess in several TV shows. Here are some of them:

1. All American: Homecoming: She is best known for her role as Simone Hicks.
2. All American: She also played Simone Hicks in this series.
3. Snowfall: She portrayed the character, Khadijah Brown.
4. Private Practice: She made an appearance in this medical drama.
5. Black-ish: She played the character Zion in one episode.
6. Finding Carter: She appeared in one episode of this series.
7. Loco and Baldwin Beauty are other shows she has been part of.
8. Cream X Coffee and Nasty Habits are some of her earlier works.
9. Shots Fired: She was part of this series that examined the aftermath of racially charged shootings.

Her diverse roles across these series demonstrate her versatility as an actress.

What is Geffri Hightower’s latest project?

Geffri Hightower’s latest project is the spin-off series titled All American: Homecoming.
In this series, she continues her role as Simone Hicks, which she played in the popular CW series All American.
This new series follows Simone as she embarks on her college journey.
It’s an exciting opportunity for Geffri to further showcase her acting skills and charm her audience.

Geffri Hightower’s inspiring journey from Broadway to television, while prioritizing education, showcases her talent and dedication.

At 28, she continues to captivate audiences, promising more exciting performances in the future.

Her story is a testament to the power of talent, education, and hard work.

As she continues to shine on screen, we can only expect great things from this educated and talented actress.