How Old Is Terrence Howard? A Look at the Actor’s Life and Career

How old is Terrence Howard and what is his background? Learn more about the actor’s age, movies, spouse, net worth, young days, and children in this article.
How old is Terrence Howard and what is his background? Learn more about the actor’s age, movies, spouse, net worth, young days, and children in this article.

Terrence Howard is an American actor who has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades.

He is best known for his roles in movies such as Hustle & Flow, Crash, Iron Man, and The Butler, and his TV show Empire.

But how old is Terrence Howard and what is his background? In this article, we will explore how old is Terrence Howard, his movies and TV shows, his spouse, his net worth, and his children.

How Old Is Terrence Howard?

Terrence Howard was born on March 11, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois.

He is currently 54 years old as of July 2023.

Howard was named after the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy.

He was born to African American parents who served in the U.S. military. He has 10 siblings.

Howard had a rough childhood, as he witnessed his father stab a man in self-defense when he was two years old.

His father was convicted of manslaughter and served 11 months in jail. His parents divorced after his father’s release.

He was raised by his great-grandmother, Minnie Gentry, who was a New York stage actress.

Howard developed a love for acting through spending summers with his great-grandmother.

He also excelled at boxing during his teenage years but gave up the sport after suffering from a broken eye.

He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York City to study chemical engineering, but dropped out after two years to pursue acting.

Terrence Howard Movies and TV Shows

Terrence Howard made his acting debut in 1988 with a small role in the TV movie The Jacksons: An American Dream.

He then appeared in several TV shows such as Family Matters, Living Single, NYPD Blue, and Soul Food.

He got his first major film role in 1995’s Mr. Holland’s Opus.

Howard rose to fame with a series of acclaimed performances in movies such as Dead Presidents (1995), The Best Man (1999), Big Momma’s House (2000), Hart’s War (2002), Ray (2004), Crash (2004), Hustle & Flow (2005), Four Brothers (2005), Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2005), Idlewild (2006), The Brave One (2007), August Rush (2007), The Butler (2013), St. Vincent (2014), and Hidden Figures (2016).

Howard also played James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the first Iron Man film (2008), but was replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequels due to contract disputes.

He also starred as Lucious Lyon in the hit TV series Empire from 2015 to 2020.

Some of Howard’s highest-grossing movies are:

MovieYearBox Office
Iron Man2008$585 million
Crash2004$98 million
Big Momma’s House2000$174 million
Ray2004$125 million
Hustle & Flow2005$23 million


Terrence Howard Net Worth

Terrence Howard has a net worth of $5 million as of July 2023.

He earns most of his income from his acting career, but he has also ventured into music and production.

Howa performed all the songs for his character in Hustle & Flow, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp”.

He also released his debut album, Shine Through It, in 2008.

Howard’s net worth has been affected by his multiple divorces and legal battles, which have cost him millions of dollars in settlements and fees.

He also claimed that he was blacklisted by Hollywood after his departure from the Iron Man franchise, which reduced his earning potential.

Terrence Howard Spouse

Terrence Howard and wife Mira Pak

Terrence Howard has been married four times to three different women.

His first wife was Lori McCommas, whom he married in 1993.

They have three children together: daughters Aubrey and Heaven, and son Hunter.

They divorced in 2001, remarried in 2005, and divorced again in 2007.

His second wife was Michelle Ghent, whom he married in 2010.

They divorced in 2013 amid allegations of domestic violence and infidelity.

His third wife was Mira Pak, whom he married in 2013.

They have two sons together: Qirin Love and Hero.

They divorced in 2015, but reconciled later.

As of now, Howard is engaged to Pak again and they are expecting their third child together.

Terrence Howard Children

Terrence Howard has five children from his marriages: three with Lori McCommas and two with Mira Pak.

He is also expecting his sixth child with Pak. His children are:

  • Aubrey Howard (born 1993): She is Howard’s eldest daughter and an aspiring actress. She has appeared in movies such as The Princess and the Frog (2009) and Empire (2015).
  • Heaven Howard (born 1997): She is Howard’s second daughter and a model. She has modeled for brands such as Savage X Fenty and Fashion Nova.
  • Hunter Howard (born 1995): He is Howard’s only son with McCommas and a musician. He plays the guitar and sings.
  • Qirin Love Howard (born 2015): He is Howard’s first son with Pak and named after a mythical Chinese creature.
  • Hero Howard (born 2016): He is Howard’s second son with Pak and named after his father’s role in Empire.


Terrence Howard is one of the most versatile and accomplished actors of his generation.

He has a net worth of $5 million and has starred in numerous movies and TV shows that have earned him critical acclaim and awards.

He is an inspiration for aspiring actors who want to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.



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