Is Christel Bell Leaving Fox 4?Find out here

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Is Christel Bell leaving Fox 4? Find out the truth behind the rumors and what the viewers are saying about the popular anchor/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Fox 4 is one of the leading news stations in Kansas City, Missouri, and its anchors are well-known and respected by the viewers.

One of them is Christel Bell, who joined the station in August 2020 as the lead evening anchor.

However, rumors have been circulating online that she might be leaving Fox 4 soon.

Is there any truth to these rumors?

What happened to her and why would she want to leave?

Here is what we know so far.

The rumors and the facts

As of the latest information available, Christel Bell’s departure from Fox 4 has not been confirmed.

While rumors are circulating online regarding this matter, she has not made any official statements regarding her potential departure.

She also has not updated her social media accounts with any hints or clues about her plans.

Her Twitter bio still reads “Evening Anchor at FOX4 News Kansas City” and her last tweet was on January 5, 2023, when she shared a story about a local woman who survived COVID-19.

The rumors seem to have started after a former Fox 4 anchor, Megan Murphy, filed a lawsuit against the station’s parent company, Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., alleging racial discrimination.

Murphy, who is Asian American, claims that the news director at Fox 4, Sean McNamara, refused to consider her for the lead evening anchor position because she was “the wrong minority” and that he preferred an African-American candidate.

Murphy left Fox 4 in 2020 instead of renewing her contract.

The lawsuit also mentions that Christel Bell was hired to fill the position in August 2020.

However, it does not imply that Bell was involved in any wrongdoing or that she was aware of the alleged discrimination.

Bell is an experienced and award-winning journalist who has worked in several markets across the country, including Nashville, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Evansville, Indiana.

She also has a master’s degree in media communications from Webster University in St. Louis.

The speculation and the reaction

Some people have speculated that Bell might be leaving Fox 4 because of the lawsuit or because of other reasons, such as personal or professional opportunities.

However, these are only speculations and there is no evidence to support them.

Some viewers have also expressed their support and appreciation for Bell on social media, saying that they enjoy watching her on Fox 4 and that they hope she stays.

For example, one Twitter user wrote:

  • “I hope you’re not leaving @fox4kc @ChristelBell You’re one of my favorite anchors!”
  • Another user commented: “You are awesome Christel! I love watching you on Fox 4!”
  • A third user said: “Please don’t leave Christel! You are such a great anchor and a beautiful person!”

The conclusion

In conclusion, there is no confirmation that Christel Bell is leaving Fox 4 as of now.

She has not announced or hinted at any plans to do so, and she remains active on the station and social media.

The rumors seem to have been triggered by a lawsuit filed by a former Fox 4 anchor who accused the station of racial discrimination.

However, the lawsuit does not implicate Bell in any way and does not affect her credibility or professionalism as a journalist.

Therefore, unless there is any official update from Bell or Fox 4, we can assume that she is still part of the Fox 4 family and will continue to deliver the news to Kansas City viewers.

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