Is Freddie Leaving EastEnders? The Shocking Truth About His Dad Revealed

Is Freddie Leaving EastEnders? The Shocking Truth About His Dad Revealed

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Freddie Slater has just learned the shocking truth about his dad, Graham Foster, in EastEnders. Find out how he reacted and what he plans to do next in this explosive article/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) has been left devastated after learning the shocking truth about his dad, Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney), in EastEnders.

The young lad, who is the son of Little Mo Slater (Kacey Ainsworth), had tracked down his biological father after finding out his name from Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall).

But he was unaware of the horrific circumstances of his conception, and how Graham had raped Little Mo in 2003.

Freddie’s Quest For His Dad

Freddie had returned to Albert Square last year, hoping to reconnect with his family and find out more about his dad.

He initially believed that Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) was his father, but Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) soon told him that this was not true.

Freddie then discovered that his real dad was called Graham Foster, and he managed to find his place of work.

He arranged to meet him and was hopeful that he could have a relationship with him.

He also learned that he had sisters and that Graham wanted to see him again.

The Horrible Truth Comes Out

However, Freddie’s happiness is short-lived, as Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), Billy, and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) decide to tell him the truth about Graham.

They revealed that Graham had befriended Little Mo when she was working at the Queen Vic, and had raped her one night after hours.

Little Mo had refused to terminate her pregnancy and had given birth to Freddie.

She had also testified against Graham in court, and he had been sentenced to eight years in prison.

He was shocked and disgusted by the revelation and felt betrayed by his family for keeping it from him.

Freddie Goes Missing

Freddie was unable to cope with the news and decided to seek solace on the roof of Queen Vic.

He was found by Gina Knight (Linda Henry), who had snuck up there to take drugs.

She tried to comfort him and told him not to blame himself for what Graham had done.

Meanwhile, Kat was worried sick about Freddie and feared that he might harm himself.

She remembered how her daughter Zoe (Michelle Ryan) had reacted when she found out that Kat was her mother, not her sister.

She called the police to report Freddie as missing, but just as she did, Freddie showed up at the door.

He then went to his room, where he broke down in tears.

He listened to a voicemail from Graham, who said he wanted to see him at the weekend and that his sisters were excited to meet him.

Freddie then deleted Graham’s number from his phone.

Is Freddie Leaving EastEnders?

No, Freddie is not leaving EastEnders.

He is only taking some time off from Walford to visit his mother, Little Mo, and seek answers about his parentage.

Freddie will be back soon and will have to face the consequences of his actions.

He will also have to deal with his feelings for Gina, who has developed a crush on him.

Freddie is not leaving EastEnders, but he will have a lot of drama ahead of him.

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