Is Jenny Connor Saying Goodbye to Coronation Street Forever?

Is Jenny Connor Saying Goodbye to Coronation Street Forever?

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Jenny Connor has been offered a chance to move to Canada with her partner Leo, but will she leave Coronation Street and the Rovers behind?/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) has been a familiar face on Coronation Street since 1986 when she first arrived as a troubled teenager taken in by Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox).

Since then, she has had her fair share of drama, romance, tragedy, and triumph on the cobbles. But is she about to leave the show for good?

Jenny’s Shocking Offer

Jenny’s current partner, Leo Thomkins (Joe Frost), recently surprised her with a life-changing offer: he wanted her to join him in moving to Canada, where he had been offered a new job.

She was stunned by his proposal, as she had assumed he was going to dump her when he took her out for dinner at the Bistro.

Leo explained that he had had an online job interview with potential employers in Canada, which was why he was dressed in a smart suit at 3 am at the Rovers.

He then dropped the bombshell that he had been offered the job abroad, and that he wanted Jenny to come with him.

Jenny was torn over his declaration – she loved Leo, but she also loved running the Rovers, which she had fought hard to keep after her estranged husband Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) wanted to sell it amid their divorce.

She also had many friends and family who would miss her, especially her foster mother Rita, and her pal Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Jenny’s Decision

Jenny confided in her stepdaughter Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) about Leo’s offer, but Daisy was not very supportive.

In fact, Daisy saw an opportunity to take over the pub if Jenny left, and tried to persuade her to go.

Jenny soon realized that Daisy was more interested in getting rid of her than helping her, and confronted her over her selfish motives.

But what will Jenny do next? Will she choose to stay in Weatherfield, where she has made a home for herself and become a popular landlady? Or will she decide to follow Leo to Toronto, where she could start a new life with him? Coronation Street is keeping Jenny’s decision under wraps until transmission, so fans will have to tune in to find out.

Jenny’s Possible Exit

If Jenny does decide to leave Coronation Street, it would not be the first time.

The character has left and returned several times over the years, most notably in 1993 when she fled after being accused of killing her boyfriend Robert Weston (Philip Bretherton), and in 2015 when she came back after a 22-year absence.

Fans have welcomed Jenny back to the show and have enjoyed watching her evolve from a rebellious teen to a savvy businesswoman.

They have also sympathized with her struggles, such as losing her son Tom in a car accident, being abused by her ex-fiancé Alan Bradley (Mark Eden), and coping with Johnny’s affair with Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard).

So will Jenny leave Coronation Street for good this time? Or will she change her mind and stay on the cobbles? And how will Leo react to whatever she decides? You’ll just have to watch and see.