Is Nicole Byer Pregnant? Who is Nicole Byer?

Is Nicole Byer Pregnant?

While Nicole Byer’s potential pregnancy has yet to be confirmed, she is renowned for her standout performance in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and her skillful podcast hosting.

Alongside her comedic brilliance, she actively promotes inclusivity.

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Nicole Byer hosts Netflix’s “Nailed It!,” a baking competition with less than perfect contestants. (NETFLIX/Netflix)


Is Nicole Byer Pregnant?

As of now, there is no confirmed information or official statement indicating that Nicole Byer, the well-known comedian, actress, and television host, is expecting a child.

Despite widespread speculations and rumors circulating within both her fanbase and the general public regarding her potential pregnancy, there exists no tangible evidence to substantiate these assertions.

The earlier mentioned text did not convey any implication of her being pregnant, and Nicole Byer herself has refrained from publicly addressing this subject.

Until an authoritative declaration is made by Nicole Byer or a reputable source, it is important to treat any reports regarding her pregnancy as mere conjecture.

Nicole Byer is notably recognized for her role as the host of the Netflix comedy reality baking competition show, Nailed It!, as well as her contributions to various podcasts like Best Friends and Why Won’t You Date Me?

Beyond her professional accomplishments, she has been an outspoken advocate for body positivity and inclusivity.

Nicole Byer Husband

Nicole Byer was formerly wedded to actor and comedian John Milhiser.

However, their union wasn’t rooted in genuine romance; instead, it was a contrived arrangement to facilitate John’s acquisition of a green card.

This occurrence was depicted in an episode of Byer’s comedic series “Loosely Exactly Nicole.”

In a 2016 interview, Byer verified that the show’s portrayal was based on an actual event from her life.

The matrimony between them lacked affection, with Byer disclosing that she allocated the funds from the setup towards honing her improv comedy skills, rather than settling her debts.

Ultimately, their marriage culminated in a divorce, leading them to part ways.

Subsequently, Nicole Byer has candidly discussed her focus on personal pursuits and career aspirations, eschewing an active quest for a romantic partner.

She presently remains unmarried, and her relationship status remains private.

Byer continues to flourish as a triumphant comedian, actress, and television host, renowned for her contributions to “Nailed It!” and her diverse array of podcasts, such as “Why Won’t You Date Me?” and “Best Friends!”

Who Is Nicole Byer?

Nicole Byer, a versatile presence in the entertainment realm, is renowned as an American comedian, actress, television host, and podcaster.

Her multifaceted career has garnered widespread recognition.

Notably, she achieved significant acclaim as the vivacious host of the comedic reality bake-off series “Nailed It!” on Netflix, which led to her earning dual Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her magnetic hosting style.

Byer’s comedic journey took root with her involvement in the commentary series “Girl Code,” a pivotal contributor to her burgeoning fame.

Subsequently, she took the lead in the MTV/Facebook Watch comedy series “Loosely Exactly Nicole,” drawing inspiration from her own real-life encounters.

Her artistic aptitudes transcend the television domain, with notable appearances across a spectrum of comedy series and films, where she adeptly showcases her comedic prowess and acting versatility.

Moreover, Nicole Byer has etched her mark in the podcasting realm, hosting several popular shows such as “Why Won’t You Date Me?”, “Best Friends,” and “Newcomers.”

Through her dynamic and humorous approach, Nicole Byer has indelibly solidified her position as a cherished and influential luminary in the realm of comedy.

NameNicole Byer
BirthdateAugust 29, 1986
BirthplaceMiddletown Township, New Jersey, U.S.
OccupationsComedian, actress, television host, podcaster
Years active2009–present
Known forNailed It!, Loosely Exactly Nicole, Girl Code, Why Won’t You Date Me?


Nicole Byer Brooklyn 99

Nicole Byer left a lasting impression on the widely acclaimed comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with her remarkable performance.

In the show, she brilliantly portrayed Trudy Judy, the spirited younger sibling of the adored recurring character Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), known for his charming escapades.

By flawlessly mastering comedic timing and delivering her lines uniquely, Byer consistently left both the precinct’s inhabitants and the audience in stitches of laughter.

Trudy Judy’s capricious actions, such as nonchalantly arranging for a dog-sitter to indulge in parasailing, injected a delightful dose of comic unpredictability into the storyline.

Byer’s comedic expertise and her knack for infusing her character with an endearing quirkiness made her a standout presence within the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” universe.

Her contribution added to the show’s delightful and uproarious ambiance.

Is Nicole Byer Married?

Nicole Byer is currently unattached, having previously been in a marriage with John Milhiser that was characterized as a pretense devoid of genuine affection.

The union was orchestrated as a mutual agreement, stemming from Nicole’s substantial financial obligations and John’s need for a green card.

Following this counterfeit marriage, Nicole openly disclosed diverting the funds towards improv comedy classes rather than resolving her debts.

Eventually, the feigned marriage concluded in divorce.

Subsequent to these events, Nicole Byer has remained unattached, channeling her energies into her personal pursuits and professional trajectory.

She has candidly expressed her yearning for love and the challenges she faces in locating a suitable partner.

As of the latest available information, she is not engaged in a romantic entanglement.

It’s worth noting that personal circumstances evolve over time; hence, it’s advisable to cross-reference the most recent information from dependable sources to ascertain Nicole Byer’s current marital status.

Is Nicole Byer Pregnant – FAQs

  • Is Nicole Byer pregnant?

Negative, there is currently no verified data regarding Nicole Byer’s pregnancy; any circulating rumors are merely conjectural until substantiated.

  • Who is Nicole Byer’s ex-husband?

Her former spouse is John Milhiser.

Their marriage was a sham, orchestrated solely for his green card, devoid of genuine romantic emotions.

  • What is Nicole Byer known for?

She gained recognition as the host of “Nailed It!” on Netflix, as well as through her podcasts, where she passionately promotes body positivity and inclusivity.

  • What’s Nicole Byer’s role in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”?

She portrayed Trudy Judy, the quirky and charming sister of Doug Judy, renowned for her impeccable comedic timing.

  • Is Nicole Byer currently married?

No, she is currently not married and has been directing her attention towards her career and personal pursuits following her divorce.


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