Is Omar The Referee Deceased? Who was Omar The Referee?

Omar the Referee was a well-known and beloved basketball referee in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

He gained viral fame for his dramatic catch of a basketball before it went out of bounds, which was captured on a TikTok video and became a popular meme.

However, he also had a reputation for his eccentric and humorous behaviour on the court, which made him a favourite among the local basketball community.

Sadly, Omar, the Referee passed away on August 10, 2023, leaving behind many fans and admirers who mourned his loss.

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Omar The Referee | photo courtesy | Instagram

Who is Omar The Referee?

Omar, a respected basketball referee in Baltimore, migrated from Somalia to the US as a refugee.

Driven by a passion for basketball, he embraced refereeing to contribute to the sport and community.

Known for his commitment, charisma, and lively persona, he mixed officiating with humour and dancing, creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

His distinctive move caught his attention in a viral TikTok video.

Is Omar The Referee’s Dead?

Unfortunately, Omar the Referee died on August 10, 2023.

The cause of death is not confirmed yet, rumours suggest suicide.

Friend and fellow referee, Jamal Jones, announced his death, posting a Facebook tribute.

Jones wrote: “I’m heartbroken to share that my brother Omar passed away today.

Omar the Referee was more than just a ref, he was a legend, a mentor, and a friend. He brought joy and laughter to everyone who knew him.

He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace, Omar.” Many other people also expressed their condolences and shared their memories of Omar on social media.

Omar The Referee’s Suicide

No concrete proof of Omar the Referee’s suicide, yet reports hint at his battle with depression before his demise.

As per a Players Bio1 piece, personal woes and financial struggles weighed on Omar, impacting his mood and perspective.

Entangled in disputes with fellow referees, and basketball officials, he faced stress and frustration.

Friends and colleagues noted his altered behaviour, but his response to their outreach or aid was absent.

Omar The Referee Death

Omar the Referee’s passing has deeply saddened those who knew or admired him.

Omar’s viral TikTok video brought global fame, garnering millions of views and fans.

His distinctive ball catch was lauded as “superhero-like,” spawning memes and parodies.

Omar the Referee’s demise prompts discussions on mental health and suicide prevention, resonating beyond basketball.

Calls to support friends, and family in need, and seek professional aid resonate widely.


Omar the Referee, a remarkable individual, deeply impacted lives with his basketball ardour and charm.

Respected and cherished, he infused games with joy and thrill.

His incredible ball catch turned him into an online sensation.

Yet, amidst his smile, darkness loomed, potentially fueling his tragic decision.

His demise created a void, leaving cherished memories of a legendary mentor and friend.


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Facts About Omar The Referee

NameOmar The Referee
RoleBasketball referee for high school and middle school teams
LocationBaltimore, Maryland
OriginBorn in Somalia, moved to the United States as a refugee
MotivationBecame a referee to give back to the sport and community
TraitsKnown for dedication, enthusiasm, and integrity
PersonalityQuirky, entertaining, often joked and danced during games
InteractionsEngaged with players, coaches, and spectators
Signature MoveUnique ball retrieval technique, viral TikTok video
Announcement of DeathFriend Jamal Jones posted tribute on Facebook