Is Patrick Beverley Married? Is Patrick Beverley Dating? Who is Patrick Beverley Dating?

Is Patrick Beverley Married? Let’s delve into the romantic side of basketball player Patrick Beverley and learn more about his relationship with internet personality Mandana Bolourchi.

The skilled basketball player known for his tenacious defense, has a romantic side that intrigues many fans.

His relationship with Bolourchi has captured the attention and admiration of followers worldwide.


Who is Patrick Beverley?

Patrick Beverley, born on July 12, 1988, is an American professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA.

Before the NBA, he had a successful college basketball career with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Following college, Beverley played in Ukraine, Greece, and Russia for three and a half seasons.

In January 2013, he made his NBA debut with the Houston Rockets, marking the beginning of his professional basketball journey in the United States.

His tenacity and talent garnered attention from the basketball community, establishing him as a key player for the Rockets.

Is Patrick Beverley Married?

No, Patrick Beverley is not married, but he has maintained a relationship with Mandana Bolourchi.

Bolourchi spent her early years in her home country before traveling to Europe, Dubai, and finally settling in Los Angeles.

Due to her presence on social media and influence in the fashion world, she has earned renown as a powerful fashion icon.

Despite her public persona, Mandana Bolourchi highly values the privacy of her personal life and chooses not to disclose extensive details about her family.

However, she has expressed that her family has been a source of love and unwavering support throughout her career.

Mandana Bolourchi, Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend, has made a significant impact as a social media influencer and fashion icon.

While leading a private life, she remains dedicated to her career and excels in various business ventures, establishing herself as a successful and influential personality in the fashion industry.

Is Patrick Beverley Dating?

Yes, Patrick Beverley is currently dating Mandana Bolourchi. They have been together for over a year, as per a famous website.

Despite keeping their personal lives away from the spotlight, they openly express their mutual support and affection.

Reports indicate that the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in April this year.

The exact details of how they met and developed their relationship are undisclosed. Nonetheless, it can be inferred that they officially started dating in April 2021.

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