Jimmy O. Yang’s Net Worth: A Look into the Comedian’s Fortune

Jimmy O. Yang’s Net Worth. Welcome to the glamorous world of Hollywood riches!

In this article, we’re diving deep into the financial success story of the rising star, Jimmy O. Yang.

From his humble beginnings to his skyrocketing career, we’ll uncover the secrets behind Jimmy O. Yang’s net worth and financial journey.

Jimmy O. Yang standing confidently, representing his successful career and net worth.
Jimmy O. Yang: From Stand-Up to Stardom – Unveiling His Impressive Net Worth Journey. [PHOTO: Popsugar]

Who Is Jimmy O. Yang?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of his wealth, let’s get to know the man behind the money.

Jimmy O. Yang, born on June 11, 1987, in Hong Kong, is a talented actor, stand-up comedian, and writer.

He’s best known for his roles in hit TV shows like “Silicon Valley” and “Space Force” and his scene-stealing performance in the film “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Early Life and Career

Born on June 11, 1987, in Hong Kong to parents originally from Shanghai, ChinChinammy O. Yang immigrated to Los Angeles, California with his family when he was 13.

He graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2009 with a degree in economics.

Yang’s career began with stand-up comedy at North Hollywood’s Ha Ha Comedy Club.

He later ventured into acting and made his television debut on the CBS series “2 Broke Girls” in 2012.

Breakthrough and Success

Yang’s breakthrough role came in 2014 on the HBO comedy series “Silicon Valley”.

He played Jian-Yang, a tenant of an innovation incubator run by entrepreneur Erlich Bachman.

This role catapulted him into the limelight and opened up more opportunities for him.

He has since been featured in several hit films including “Crazy Rich Asians”, “The Happytime Murders”, “The Opening Act”, and the Netflix romcom “Love Hard”.

He also lent his voice to animated films including “Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe” and “Minions: The Rise of Gru”.

Notable Achievements

Aside from “Silicon Valley,” Jimmy O. Yang has been a part of various other successful projects.

He appeared in the Netflix film “El Camino Christmas” and played the role of Dr. Chan Kaifang in Netflix’s “Space Force.”

Moreover, his role as Bernard Tai in “Crazy Rich Asians” further solidified his presence in Hollywood.

Stand-Up Comedy

In addition to his acting career, Jimmy is an accomplished stand-up comedian.

He has performed on numerous comedy specials, including “Good Deal,” which was released on Amazon Prime Video.

His stand-up performances have not only entertained audiences but also contributed to his overall net worth.

Net Worth

Jimmy O. Yang’s net worth, which is estimated at approximately $5 million as of September 2023, is a testament to his successful career in the entertainment industry.

His wealth has been accumulated from various sources:


Yang’s acting career has been the primary contributor to his wealth.

He has starred in several hit films and series, including “Silicon Valley” and “Crazy Rich Asians”, which have significantly boosted his earnings.

Stand-up Comedy

Yang’s stand-up comedy gigs are another source of income.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian and continues to perform at various venues.


Yang has also earned money from appearing in commercials.

These provide a steady income stream for many actors and comedians.


Yang is also a writer, having penned his memoir “How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents”.

The sales from his book have also contributed to his net worth.

It’s important to note that managing wealth involves expenses as well, such as taxes, agent fees, and lifestyle costs.

Despite these expenses, Jimmy O. Yang’s net worth remains impressive, reflecting his talent and hard work.


Jimmy O. Yang’s journey from a stand-up comedian to a successful actor is truly inspiring.

His hard work and talent have not only earned him fame but also a substantial net worth.

As he continues to entertain us with his performances, we can only expect his net worth to grow even more.

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