Max Verstappen Net Worth: How the F1 Champion Makes and Spends His Millions

Max Verstappen estimated net worth touches around $210 million, with an impressive annual salary of $55 million, courtesy of Red Bull Racing.

Max Verstappen is the reigning Formula One world champion, having clinched his first title in a thrilling finale against Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

The 25-year-old Dutch driver is also one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, earning a staggering $60 million per year from his contract with Red Bull Racing and his endorsements.

But how much is Max Verstappen’s net worth, and what does he do with his money?

Let’s find out.

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Max Verstappen Net Worth. How much does Max Verstappen make a year?
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Who Is Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen, a Formula One racing driver, clinched two world championships in 2021 and 2022.

Born in Belgium but racing under the Dutch flag, he hails from a racing lineage as his father, Jos Verstappen, also graced Formula One.

Max Verstappen commenced his racing journey in karting and various single-seater categories, setting numerous records along the way.

His Formula One debut in 2015 marked him as the youngest driver to ever enter the sport.

In 2016, Verstappen joined Red Bull Racing, securing his first victory at the Spanish Grand Prix and setting another record as the youngest race winner.

Throughout his career, he has amassed 47 victories and achieved 28 pole positions.

Max is renowned for his aggressive and intuitive driving style, garnering a large fan following and numerous accolades.

He recently inked a contract extension with Red Bull, committing to the team until 2028.

Summary of how much does Max Verstappen make a year

Estimated Net Worth$210 million
F1 Career Start2015
Annual Salary 2023$55 million
Total F1 Wins24
F1 Championships1


Max Verstappen, a name synonymous with speed and triumph in Formula 1.

The curiosity about his income and total wealth remains ever-present.

Within the glamour of Formula 1, he has emerged as a prominent figure.

This ascent naturally leads to heightened earnings and a fortified net worth.

Max Verstappen’s Net Worth

With a net worth nearing $200 million, Verstappen’s financial success reflects his exceptional performance on the racetrack.

His association with Red Bull Racing significantly contributes to his wealth, as he earns an annual salary that few can match.

Max Verstappen Career

Max Verstappen, a racing driver, boasts two Formula One World Championships to his name.

At a mere 17 years old, he entered Formula One, clinching the title of the youngest driver ever to do so.

His affiliation with Red Bull Racing began in 2016, marking a memorable debut win in Spain.

Since then, he has notched up 47 race victories and secured 28 pole positions.

In 2021, he triumphed over Lewis Hamilton in a thrilling final race in Abu Dhabi, becoming the inaugural Dutch world champion.

He replicated this success in 2022, securing a record-breaking 15 race wins and asserting dominance throughout the season.

Verstappen is renowned for his aggressive and instinctual driving style, which has garnered him a legion of fans and a collection of awards.

As the son of former Formula One driver Jos Verstappen and karting champion Sophie Kumpen, racing runs deep in his blood.

With a contract signed with Red Bull until 2028, Verstappen’s loyalty and dedication to the team are unwavering.

He stands as one of the most remarkable and electrifying drivers in the annals of Formula One history.

Max Verstappen’s Earnings Over the Years

In 2021, his income fluctuated between $25-43 million, encompassing payments from Red Bull Racing, sponsorships, and winnings.

However, in 2022, a freshly inked contract resulted in an annual income of $53 million, supplemented by an extra $5 million for each F1 championship title.

Comparison with Other F1 Drivers’ Salaries

As of 2023, Verstappen emerges as the highest-paid figure in F1, boasting an annual income of $55 million.

Following closely, albeit with a notable gap, is Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who earns $35 million.

F1 Driver Earnings Beyond Max Verstappen

Although Verstappen and Hamilton lead the way in earnings, figures for drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and Fernando Alonso also reflect significant annual incomes.

Nonetheless, these income levels undergo variations depending on personal achievements and contractual negotiations within their respective teams.


1. What is Max Verstappen’s 2023 salary?

  • Answer: He earns $55 million from his association with Red Bull Racing.

2. How does Verstappen’s earning compare to Lewis Hamilton?

  • Answer: In 2023, Verstappen’s annual income amounts to $55 million, while Hamilton’s stands at $35 million.

3. How many race wins has Verstappen secured till now?

  • Answer: As of 2023, he has achieved victory in 24 F1 races.

4. How much did Verstappen earn in 2021?

  • Answer: In 2021, his earnings ranged between $25-43 million.

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