Maxine Sneed Bio, Age, Husband Career and More

An image of Maxine Sneed former editor of ‘Black Radio Magazine.
Maxine Sneed former editor of ‘Black Radio Magazine, Bio, Age, Husband Career and More

American celebrity Maxine Sneed has a long history in the entertainment industry.

She is a former editor of “Black Radio Magazine”

Maxine is also the ex-wife of Tommy Chong, a Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, singer, writer, comedian, and supporter of cannabis legalization.

She is well known for being Tommy Chong’s ex-wife.

Maxine Sneed Profile Summary

NameMaxine Sneed
Date of BirthSeptember 23
Place of BirthUnited States, America
Ex-husbandTommy Chong
ProfessionFormer editor of ‘Black Radio Magazine
Net worthBetween $1 million and $10 million


There isn’t much information available about her early life, thus there is no information about her family, friends, or education.

However, she was discovered to be of African-American, Cherokee, and Canadian descent.

It is evident that Maxine is a citizen of both Canada and the United States.

Maxine Sneed Early Life

In the 1940s, Maxine Sneed was conceived. She might be in her 80s right now.

Up until this point, Maxine has kept her birthplace and birthday a secret.

Sneed is of Canadian descent, however it is unknown what race she belongs to.

Maxine Sneed Parents

Maxine Sneed was born in the USA, where her parents also took care of her. Much about her parents is not known by the media.

Maxine Sneed’s Career

Sneed worked as a staff member for “Black Radio Magazine,” but we don’t know how long she worked there.

Despite being an editor and having connections to the corporate house, she hasn’t provided any details about her personal or professional life.

The story suggests that Sneed started using social media after marrying Tommy Chong in 1960.

Tommy, a well-known Canadian-American entertainer, and cannabis rights advocate, won a custody lawsuit for their child Rae.

Rumors claim that Tommy fathered Rae with an underage woman named Gail.

Rae was born on February 28, 1961, and didn’t know who her biological mother was until she turned 12. Despite this, she has had a long career in the entertainment business, following in her father’s footsteps. Rae became famous for her roles in “Beat Street,” “Time Runner,” “Commando,” “The Color Purple,” and “Quest for Fire.”

Maxine Sneed’s Daughter

Robbi Lynn Chong was conceived on May 28, 1965, and went on to become a model before pursuing acting. She is the biological child of Tommy and Maxine Chong, who remained silent about the circumstances of their split when they separated in 1970.

Maxine has remained single and doesn’t post about her personal life on social media, while Tommy married American actress, comedian, and producer Shelby Fiddis in 1975.

Together, they have three biological children: a daughter named Precious and two sons named Paris and Gibran.

In addition to their biological children, Tommy and Maxine also adopted Marcus Chong.

Maxine Sneed’s Grandson

Rae, a daughter of Maxine, is married and has a son. Rae’s son’s grandmother is Maxine. Morgan is the name of Rae’s kid.

Maxine Sneed’s Husband And Children

Rae Dawn Chong and Robbi Chong are the two daughters of Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong.

As a result of the two’s strained relationship, they made the decision to divorce legally in 1970.

Tommy fought for and obtained the child’s custody, and he and Maxine reared the child as a result.

When Rae became 12 years old, she finally learned who her biological mother was. Rae was born on February 28, 1961.

After their divorce, Shelby Fiddis, an American comedian, actor, and producer, and Tommy Chong wed in Los Angeles in 1975. With Shelby, he has three kids: Paris, Gibran, and Precious. Marcus Chong, an adopted son, is another child of his.

Maxine Sneed’s Net Worth

The nature of Maxine’s occupation is unknown to us. She has always avoided social media in her life. There is less information regarding Maxine’s life because she never likes to display it. Maxine’s profession has earned her an estimated $1 million in net worth.

For many of us, Maxine’s professional life remains a mystery. In the near future, her projected net worth might alter. Tommy, her ex-husband, has been leading a wealthy lifestyle. Tommy is a multi-property owner.

Maxine Sneed’s Social Media Handles

Maxine has been keeping a low profile and avoiding media attention since her divorce in 1970. As a result, she doesn’t have any social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Despite this, she has been the subject of TV discussions due to her work in journalism and public welfare.

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