Intriguing story of how Jackson Galaxy met his wife Minoo Rahbar

 Minoo Rahbar is an animal rescuer, adopter, and activist who came into the public eye as a result of her marriage to Jackson Galaxy, another person who has a deep-seated passion for animals. 

In addition to being the host of the television show My Cat From Hell, Jackson is a cat behaviorist. 

He has also published a number of books on the subject of animal husbandry under his own name.

Quick facts about Minoo Rahbar

BirthdateAugust 8, the late 1960s
BirthplaceUnspecified country suspected to be India
ImmigrationAge 10, to California
EducationThe University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology

Minoo Rahbar Age 

It is not known when exactly Minoo was born, but she was born in the latter half of the 1960s. 

This places her age range somewhere between her early and mid-50s as of the year 2023. 

Without knowing the year in which Minoo was born, we are unable to provide an accurate estimate of her age.


Minoo Rahbar Education

She attended Berkeley’s University of California to study Anthropology.

Minoo Rahbar Ethnicity 

The ethnicity of Minoo is unknown, as far as can be determined from the available information. 

On the other hand, it is stated that she was born in a country that is not specified, but the general consensus is that it is India, and that she later moved to the United States. 

Although it is unknown what her ethnicity is, she is an American citizen.

Minoo Rahbar nationality 

She is an American 

Minoo Rahbar net worth 

There is no information that can be relied upon concerning the amount of money that Minoo Rahbar has. 

She has never been a public figure in the media and has kept a low profile throughout the entirety of her professional life. 

As a result of this, arriving at an accurate estimation of her net worth is challenging.

Minoo Rahbar’s career 

Her occupation is best described as an animal rescuer, specifically for cats.

 Minoo’s journey to humanity began when she rescued stray cats and nurse them back to health in her home. 

Once the cats’ health improved, she would transport them to adoptive families. 

Rahbar received the Kitten’s Rescue Award Advocacy at the 4th Annual Furball event in Los Angeles for her exemplary character.

She is currently in charge of her husband’s company, Jackson Galaxy Solutions, which sells cat products.

Rahbar, the wife of Jackson Galaxy, wears many hats. 

Prior to her cat expertise, she worked as a touring puppeteer in the 2000s, with Disney Junior featuring her entertainment. 

Professor Crunch and Raffles are two of the shows she has worked on. 

Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy Childen 

According to what we know, Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy do not have children together but we will keep this part updated

Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy relationship 

Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy wedding
Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy wedding

Rahbar and Galaxy first spoke to each other at the Kitten Rescue Gala Award ceremony, where they exchanged contact information. 

They later got together for coffee. 

It didn’t take the two long to realize how attracted to one another they were, and soon after that they began dating. 

In a private ceremony held at Kanab, Utah’s Best Friends Animal Society in June 2004, Jackson Galaxy wed Minoo. 

The couple’s canine ring bearer was Mooshka. 

They treasure their mutual love of cats and one another. 

In order to continue saving cats, they work together. 

Rahbar has been a key supporter of Jackson’s vegan journey and success, according to the duo. 

Although the couple is without children, they adore their fourteen pets, which include two turtles, three dogs, and nine cats. 

The extraordinary Minoo supports her husband’s flourishing business and is an excellent philanthropist. 

The independent humanitarian has been concentrating on her cat mission up to this point. 

Rahbar keeps performing puppetry occasionally for charitable causes. 

Social Media

She is not on any social media platforms  

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