Nathan Kane Samara: Inside Eminem’ Brother’s Career and Net Worth

Nathan Kane Samara wears multiple hats – rapper, producer, actor, and personal trainer. He holds United States citizenship and is particularly notable for being Eminem’s younger maternal half-brother.

Despite having different biological fathers, Eminem took on the role of Nathan’s legal guardian, fostering a strong bond between them.

In 2018, Nathan Kane Samara took a significant step by formally adopting Eminem’s last name, Mathers. This decision further solidified their connection.

Nathan Kane Samara

Nathan Kane Samara Early Life

Born on February 3, 1986, in Kansas City, Nathan Kane Samara boasts mixed ancestry and American nationality.

His parents, Fred J. Samara and Debbie Mathers Brig, conceived him.

Sadly, his mother, characterized by a complex personality, subjected him to both physical and psychological abuse.

During his upbringing, his older half-brother Eminem took on the role of raising him, as he had been since childhood.

Unsurprisingly, he constantly finds himself overshadowed by Eminem’s presence.

Growing up in Detroit, he faced numerous challenges in maintaining a relationship with his mother due to her tumultuous nature.

Their bond remained weak, and he ultimately deemed being with his brother a more desirable option than staying with his troubled mother, whom he regards as mentally unstable.

The connection between Samara and his older half-brother stands as exceptionally strong.

Similarly, he attended Roseville Elementary School, where he became a target of bullying.

Tragically, school officials at Roseville charged Debbie with child abuse and neglect, leading him to spend the following year in foster care.


Inspired by his older brother’s path, Nathan aspired to become a rapper and embarked on his journey.

Looking up to his sibling, he started rapping. Notably, tracks like “Slide on Over” and “Shadow of a Celebrity” played a pivotal role in establishing his reputation.

While possessing a distinctive rhyming style, Samara’s compositions undeniably bear the mark of Eminem’s influence.

This is especially evident in his song “Shadow of a Celebrity,” which sheds light on Nathan’s experience of living in his renowned brother’s shadow.

Among his notable tracks are “Touch Ya Body,” “It’s Nate Kane,” “Short Term Love,” and “I’m Not Asking.”

These songs have significantly contributed to his popularity.

Nathan Kane Samara Net Worth

Reportedly, Nathan Kane Samara’s net worth is $1 million, while his half-brother Eminem boasts a staggering $210 million in wealth.

As per reports, Samara earns approximately $72,500 annually through his work as a DJ, supplemented by an extra $73,160 from his role as a personal trainer.

Are Eminem and Nathan Close?

During their childhood, the brothers maintained a close bond, but they distanced themselves from their mother due to her remembered violent and neglectful behavior.

Their upbringing was marked by adversity, living in poverty and on the road, haunted by the fear of their mother’s actions.

Nathan Kane personally experienced the consequences of Debbie’s abuse when he was placed in foster care.

At the age of 16, Nathan Kane Mathers made the decision to move to Detroit, where his older brother was just beginning to establish himself in the music industry.

Eminem not only provided him with a place to live but also took on legal custody.

Appreciating the attention and care given by the musician, Eminem’s younger brother considers him to be a father figure.


  • Nathan Kane Samara, the father of three kids, is the stepbrother of Eminem.
  • At the age of 16, Nathan was adopted by Eminem.
  • He is not only a rapper and actor but also a businessman.
  • He runs a cannabis business named “Natrabis.”