From Nightclubs to Parenthood: Olivia Sky Story

Olivia Sku
Olivia Sky


Olivia Sky, a recording artist, recently discussed her journey as a mother and her relationship with rapper Bow Wow.

She recounts her decision to keep the baby after becoming pregnant and Bow Wow’s initial hesitation in becoming a father again.

To provide context, Olivia moved to Atlanta when she was 20 and began frequenting nightclubs, where she eventually met Bow Wow.

Upon discovering her pregnancy, Olivia told Bow Wow right away, and while he seemed supportive at first, he later had second thoughts.

Continues with pregnancy

Despite Bow Wow’s concerns, Olivia chose to continue with the pregnancy and gave birth to their son, Stone, in 2020.

Later, she discovered that her story was the basis of one of Bow Wow’s segments on the show, Growing Up Hip Hop.

Reflecting on her experience, Olivia emphasizes that becoming a mother is something one cannot fully prepare for until it happens.

She acknowledges that she was scared and unsure but knew that having an abortion would hurt her more.

Facts about Her


NameOlivia Sky
OccupationRecording artist
Relationship StatusSingle
ChildrenOne son, Stone Moss, with rapper Bow Wow
BirthplaceAssumed to be in the United States
Net WorthUnknown
Notable AppearancesGrowing Up Hip Hop
Known forBeing Bow Wow’s baby mama and mother to his son


Early Life and Parents

There is no information available about Olivia’s early life or her parents.

Olivia Sky Age

The exact age of Olivia is not known, but she moved to Atlanta when she was 20 years old.

Olivia Sky net worth

Her net worth is not publicly available.

Religion and Ethnicity

She is a Christian

Height and Weight

Olivia’s height and weight are not known, but she appears to be of average height and weight based on her photos and appearances in media.

Personal Life and Family

Olivia became known to the public after her story with rapper Bow Wow made headlines.

She became pregnant with Bow Wow’s son, Stone, and decided to keep the baby despite Bow Wow’s initial hesitation.

Olivia is a single mother and has been raising her son on her own.

She is also a recording artist and has made appearances on reality TV shows.


Olivia Sky Instagram

She is on Instagram as Olivia.Sky @Olivia.Sky



How many children does Olivia Sky have?

Olivia has only One son called  Stone Moss, with rapper Bow Wow

Is Bow Wow the father of Olivia Sky son?

Yes he has even confirmed it by posting Stone Moss photo

Does Bow Wow have two kids?

No, he has three. A Girl and two boys

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