Remi Lucidi cause of death

Remi Lucidi cause of death.

In the wake of a tragic incident, we delve into the details surrounding the passing of daredevil Remi Lucidi.

Hailing from France, Remi was an international daredevil known for his audacious stunts.

Unfortunately, he lost his life recently when one of his daring feats went awry.

While attempting a stunt on the 68th storey of a Hong Kong building, he fell to his death after apparently getting stranded outside a penthouse.

According to investigators, he had informed the security guard of his intention to visit a friend on the 40th level when he entered the building in the evening.

This incident has left many mourning his loss and wondering about the cause of his death, as well as details about his obituary and funeral.

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Remi Lucidi cause of death.

Remi Lucidi cause of death and obituary

Lucidi tragically lost his life due to a stunt that went terribly wrong.

Reports suggest that he climbed to the top level of a Hong Kong building, where he became stranded outside and frantically banged on a window, startling a maid.

Sadly, he lost his balance and fell to his death.

When the building’s security guard attempted to question him about his claim of visiting a friend on the 40th level, Lucidi had already boarded an elevator.

According to sources, Mr. Lucidi was last seen alive at approximately 7:30 p.m., pounding on a penthouse window on the 68th floor of Tregunter Tower, leading to a 911 call from a housekeeper.

Police found recordings of extreme sports on Lucidi’s sports camera at the scene.

As of now, the Hong Kong police have not released an official statement or disclosed the reason for his passing.

Known for his adventurous spirit, Remi Lucidi regularly attempted daring stunts around the world, posting them on his social media page, which featured images from Bulgaria, Portugal, France, Ukraine, and Dubai.

His unexpected demise has left many saddened, including the owner of the hostel where he stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Despite the sorrow surrounding his death, his passion for adventure was evident in his Instagram posts, where he captioned a photo from Gabrovro, Bulgaria, with “Life is too short to chase unicorns.”

As the investigation continues, details about his funeral arrangement remain pending.

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