Rouba Saadeh: The Ex-Wife of Italian Actor and Musician Michele Morrone

The ex-wife of Italian actor and musician Michele Morrone is Rouba Saadeh, a Lebanese fashion designer.

An image of Rouba Saadeh
Rouba Saadeh

She gained notoriety when she wed a well-known Italian actor who appeared to be the ideal match made in heaven.

But regrettably, the two parted ways before anyone could utter “Jack Robinson.”

She appears to have handled the split amicably, as she is still a hot commodity in the fashion world.


On April 15th, Rouba Saadeh was born in Lebanon.

Rouba is an Aries queen by horoscope.

She attended Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Baabda for her education.

She graduated from Lebanese American University in Beirut with a BSc in Graphic Designing and Masters in Business Administration.

At Istituto Marangoni, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design.

She additionally completed a summer fashion design school at Central Saint Martins in London.

An image of Rouba Saadeh
Rouba Saadeh Biography

Italian actor, singer, and model Michele Morrone was Saadeh’s husband.

She is currently the only parent of two kids.


Saadeh, a fashion designer, initiated her professional journey in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

She started working as a fashion designer at Alfa MICI, dedicating two years to this position.

Later on, she transitioned to the role of an assistant under the leadership of the design team at Elie Saab’s fashion brand.

Driven by her inherent passion for fashion, Saadeh ventured into establishing her own concept store called Les Paradis Des Fous in 2013.

She co-founded the store and assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer from its inception until December 2014, when she decided to resign.

Saadeh, being a person who values equilibrium, chose to take a break from her professional pursuits after her marriage.

This hiatus allowed her to concentrate on her marital life and children, providing them with the necessary care and attention they deserve.

The fashion designer returned to the workforce in June 2019 and took a senior coordinator position at Elie Saab.

From June 2019 to August 2021, she served in that capacity.

She continued to work at Elie Saab from August 2021 to January 2022, serving as the studio supervisor.

She is currently a fashion designer with the designer brand, according to her Instagram feed.

Rouba Saadeh net worth

Saadeh makes a sizeable living from fashion design, an industry that is successful all around the world.

According to media sources, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

How old is Rouba Saadeh?

Rouba Saadeh will be 36 years old in 2023.



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Rouba Saadeh Family

Saadeh was brought into this world by her mother, Manolia Mano Saadeh.

Within her family, she has a sister named Abir Saadeh, and her brother’s name has not been disclosed at present.

In terms of her relationship status, Saadeh was previously married to Michele Morrone, an Italian actor, singer, and model.

Morrone has made appearances in various Polish and Italian movies and rose to fame for his portrayal of “Massimo Torricelli” in the 2020 erotic romance drama film, 365 Days.

An image of Michele Morrone, Rouba Saadeh Ex-husband
Michele Morrone, Rouba Saadeh Ex-husband

Morrone, in his capacity as a musician, released an album titled “Dark Room.”

Several tracks from this album were included in the official soundtrack of the film 365 Days.

In addition to his diverse talents, his physical appearance has captivated the hearts of many admirers.

A mutual acquaintance introduced Saadeh and Morrone to each other, and they developed a romantic relationship.

Eventually, they took their relationship to the next level and exchanged vows.

In 2014, the couple entered into matrimony in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family members.

During their time together, they became parents to two children: Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone.

Marcus was born in the same year as their marriage, 2014, while Brado came into the world in 2017.

An image of Rouba Saadeh with her two kids Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone
Rouba Saadeh with her two kids Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone

However, Saadeh and Morrone parted ways in 2018 due to various interpersonal issues and misunderstandings.

Following the divorce, Saadeh’s ex-husband disclosed that he had suffered from acute depression.

The actor said he was prepared to give up everything and live on a farm in an Instagram post.

Rouba Saadeh Instagram

Saadeh has the Instagram handle @roubasaadeh. Her life and personality are reflected on her Instagram feed.

In addition to the adorable photos she provides of herself, she also uploads images of her artwork, children, and works of other people.

Rouba Saadeh’s ability to establish herself in the fashion industry and separate herself from the renown of her ex-husband is admirable.