Ryan’s World Net Worth Revealed

What are the chances of being a millionaire at nine?

Well, against all odds, the young host of Ryan’s World on YouTube took the internet by storm by doing just that. The child prodigy has built an empire and gets millions of views on his channel.

Like most people who come across his content, you are probably wondering what Ryan’s world net worth is.

Ryan's World Net Worth
Ryan poses with toys from his product line
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Ryan’s World Net Worth

Alongside his parents, Ryan Kaji does unboxing videos on his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World. Astonishingly, his channel is so popular that he has appeared several times on YouTube’s top 5 channels from 2016 to date.


And that brought in some jaw-dropping revenues; in 2016 -2017, only two years after starting his channel, he made a whopping $11 million.


After launching a product line in 2017, his combined revenue rose to $22 million in 2018. And to top that off, in 2019, he set a new record by earning $ 26 million from his youtube videos.


Based on his rising trend, we assume his revenue has constantly increased. As of 2023, we estimate Ryan’s World net worth to be over $100 million.

Who is Ryan’s World?

Profile summary

Here is a table with the information you provided:

Real NameRyan Kaji Guan
Net Worth$100 Million
Date of BirthOctober 6, 2011 (11 years old)
Place of BirthTexas, U.S.
Zodiac SignLibra
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Years ActiveMarch 2015 – present
Subscribers34.6 million
FamilyMother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji), and twin sisters (Emma and Kate).
Ryan's World Net Worth
Ryan with his sisters
source@ryansworld Instagram

Early life 

Ryan Kaji was born on October 6, 2011, in U.S., Texas, to parents Shion and Loann. His parents met as undergraduate students at Texas Tech University.


His father, Shion, had moved to the United States from Japan while in high school. On the other hand, Ryan’s mother, Loann, and her family fled from Vietnam as refugees.


Ryan’s mother was a teacher. His father left Texas and went to Cornell University for a master’s in engineering. However, he returned to Texas after Ryan’s birth and completed his degree online.


Career Leading to Ryan’s World Net Worth

After watching existing toy review channels, Ryan began his YouTube journey on March 17, 2015. The initial channel name was Ryan Toys Review, which is currently known as Ryan’s World.


After seeing how much profit potential the channel had, Ryan’s mother swapped her job as a high school chemistry teacher for full-time work on the YouTube channel.


The channel initially featured content of Ryan unboxing, playing with, and reviewing toys but has recently transitioned to educational videos and vlogs.

Other Ventures Leading to Ryan’s World Net Worth

Two years after starting the channel and growing exponentially, Ryan’s World added to its ventures by launching a product line and creating a video game and T.V. series.


The first massive milestone after launching the channel was Ryan’s parents signing a deal with PocketWatch to start Ryan’s world product line in 2017.

Ryan's World Net Worth
Ryan hiking with his parents

That was followed by Ryan’s World creating a children’s gaming app in conjunction with PocketWatch and the game development studio WildWorks in 2018.


Ryan’s World went ahead and produced a T.V. series, “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate,” on Nick Jr, with PocketWatch. And In the same year also released a racing video game entitled “Race with Ryan”.


The channel also offers a range of toys created in association with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys. The range includes slime, action figures, plush animals, and T-shirts.

Ryan’s world achievements

Some of the standout things Ryan’s World has achieved include the following:

  • Racking up 34 million YouTube subscribers
  • Garnering over 54 billion views on YouTube
  • Launching a line of toys in cooperation with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys in 2018
  • Forbes listed the channel among the highest-earning YouTube channels (2018 and 2019)


Ryan Kaji achieved great success at a young age; his story shows success does not have age, and anyone can reach great heights if they dream big and take a leap of faith.



From making millions at just nine years old to building a toy empire on YouTube, Ryan Kaji, the host of Ryan’s World, has taken the internet by storm and amassed a net worth of $100 million.


Ryan, alongside his parents, began making unboxing videos on his channel, which has over 34 million subscribers and has garnered over 54 billion views. After launching a product line, a children’s gaming app, and a TV series, Ryan has become one of the highest-earning YouTubers, earning over $26 million in 2019 alone.


Ryan’s story shows that success has no age and that anyone can achieve great heights if they dream big and take a leap of faith.

Ryan’s World FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How did Ryan Kaji become famous?

He is the star of one of the biggest YouTube channels, Ryan’s World, formerly Ryan’s Toys Review.

What did Ryan’s parents do before YouTube?

Ryan Kaji’s mother, Loann, was a high school chemistry teacher, while his father, Shion, was an engineer.

How old are Ryan’s twin sisters?

As of July 2023, the twins, Emma and Kate, are seven years old and soon to be in First grade.

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