Ryland Hauser: Rising Football Star and Son of ‘Yellowstone’ Actor Cole Hauser

In an unexpected twist, Ryland Hauser, the son of actor Cole Hauser from ‘Yellowstone,’ defies expectations by emerging as a potential football star instead of a bully.

The talented tight end at Jensen Beach High School is receiving many football scholarship offers.

An image of Ryland Hauser
Ryland Hauser son of Yellowstone star, Cole Hauser

Thanks to a heartwarming Instagram post by his proud mother, we now learn that Ryland has received an offer to play at Mississippi State.

But what’s the connection to bullying? Uncover the inspiring story here.

Mississippi State’s Official Mascot Is ‘Bully’ The Bulldog

Nearly every team, whether in college or the pro leagues, boasts a beloved mascot and Mississippi State is no exception.

The Mississippi State University Bulldogs proudly refer to their mascot as The Lovable Bully, both for the personification of the character and the actual bulldog that graces their games.

As well as recent Instagram posts by Cynthia Hauser.

In a moment of pride, Ryland Hauser’s mother joyfully shared that her son had received an offer from Mississippi State to become a Bulldog, affectionately referred to as a “Bully.”

It’s interesting how our previous discussion revolved around bullies.

Despite this exciting opportunity, Ryland seems to have numerous alternatives if he decides not to join the Bulldogs at Mississippi State.

After all, when can having multiple options ever be considered undesirable?

An image of Ryland Hauser at the Top Dawg Camp in Mississippi
Ryland Hauser at the Top Dawg Camp in Mississippi

Ryland Hauser Getting Multiple Scholarships for College Football

Ryland’s offer isn’t even his first; other universities are vying for his attention and are planning to make an offer to play for them.

Schools like Rutgers, Indiana, and Appalachian State have not yet extended an official offer, but they have been keeping an eye on him and are highly likely to do so soon.

However, before the official offer from Mississippi State, Warner University has taken the initiative to reach out directly to secure the talented tight end, Ryland’s, commitment.

Cynthia and Cole Hauser, Ryland’s parents, initially expressed their joy upon receiving the offer from Warner University, anticipating that it would be the first of many to come.

Ryland’s mother took to Instagram to praise her son, stating, “My boy @ryhauser got his first offer today, and I’m a very proud mommy! Ryland is the oldest among our three Hauser kids.

I’m grateful for Warner University’s belief in his abilities.”

In the comments, Ryland’s well-known father added, “Son, I’m proud of the hard work you’re putting in.

This is just the beginning of many great things.”

Can you blame these proud parents for eagerly awaiting the next offer and their son’s future plans?

It’s an exhilarating time!

With the potential emergence of a football dynasty, this well-known Hollywood family is now associated with the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Ryland Hauser Family

An image of the three Kids of Yellowstone Hauser
Yellowstone Hauser’s Three Kids

Cole Hauser’s portrayal of Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone has captivated audiences, making him one of the most memorable TV characters ever created.

With a Hollywood-privileged family, Cole’s talent runs in his blood.

His mother, Cass Warner, established Warner Sisters, his father, Wings Hauser, has an impressive list of credits, and his great-grandfather, Harry Warner, co-founded Warner Bros.

The Hauser family has a rich history in the entertainment industry, including an Oscar-winning screenwriter in Cole’s grandfather, Dwight Hauser.

Even before Yellowstone, Cole had already made his mark in iconic films like Dazed and Confused and Good Will Hunting, as well as the Fast & Furious franchise.

However, it is Yellowstone that solidified Cole’s status as an in-demand actor.

His wife, Elizabeth Wakefield, formerly known for her role in Sweet Valley High, is a former model and actor.

Cynthia, Cole’s mother-in-law, and her twin sister gained fame as the Doublemint Twins in advertisements, and Cynthia also appeared in The Basketball Diaries.

Now, Cynthia is a devoted and wonderful mother to their two sons, Ryland and Colt, and daughter Steely Rose.

While the Hauser family has Hollywood royalty status, Ryland’s path may take a different direction.

Like his parents, we eagerly await his college choice, as it may pave the way for his future in the NFL draft.