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An image of Scott Caan ina action while playing Alert
Scott Caan and a fellow actor in Action while playing Alert

Scott Caan, born August 23, 1976, is an American actor, director, photographer, writer, and ex-rapper.

His breakthrough came in Ocean’s Eleven as Turk Malloy, a role he reprised in the Ocean’s trilogy.

He starred as Detective Danny “Danno” Williams in Hawaii Five-0 from 2010 to 2020, earning a Golden Globe nomination.

Caan had a recurring role as Scott Lavin in HBO’s Entourage from 2009 to 2011.

In the 1990s, he was a rapper, part of The Whooliganz with The Alchemist, using the name Mad Skillz.

Early life

Born on August 23, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, Scott Caan is the son of actor James Caan and Sheila Marie Ryan, who was an actress and former model.

His paternal grandparents immigrated from Germany and were of Jewish descent.

Caan has an older half-sister and three younger half-brothers.


Scott Caan initially worked as a roadie for Cypress Hill and House of Pain.

He was part of the hip-hop group The Whooliganz, also known as Mad Skillz, alongside The Alchemist. Despite signing a record deal and recording an album, their project was shelved after the release of their first single “Put Your Handz Up,” leading to their departure from the record label.


Transitioning to acting in the late 1990s, Caan attended the Playhouse West acting school.

He gained recognition with his role as Charlie Tweeder in the film “Varsity Blues” (1999) and went on to feature in various studio films such as “Ready to Rumble” (2000) and “Gone in 60 Seconds” (2000). In 2003, he made his directorial debut with the film “Dallas 362.”

Caan became well-known for his role in the “Ocean’s” film trilogy and starred alongside Paul Walker in “Into the Blue” (2005).

He also appeared in the TV series “Entourage” and played Detective Danny “Danno” Williams in the reimagined “Hawaii Five-0,” earning a Golden Globe nomination in 2011.

Aside from acting, Caan pursued photography, inspired by cinematographer Phil Parmet during the making of “Dallas 362.”

He published a collection of photographs titled “Scott Caan Photographs, Vol. 1” in 2009, showcasing his passion for photography and visual storytelling.


Here are the movies and TV shows that he played:



  1. Nowhere (1997) – ‘Ducky’
  2. Two for One (2016) – Alexander Clarke
  3. Bongwater (1997) – Bobby
  4. Into the Blue (2005) – Bryce Dunn
  5. A Beginner’s Guide to Endings (2010) – Cal White
  6. Brooklyn Rules (2007) – Carmine Mancuso
  7. The Dog Problem (2006) – Casper (Also writer and director)
    • Critics Award at CineVegas
  8. Varsity Blues (1999) – Charlie Tweeder
  9. American Outlaws (2001) – Cole Younger
  10. Dallas 362 (2003) – Dallas (Also writer and director)
    • Critics Award at CineVegas
  11. Lonely Hearts (2006) – Detective Reilly
  12. Speed of Life (1999) – Drew
  13. Saturn (1999) – Drew
  14. Novocaine (2001) – Duane Ivey
  15. Untogether (2018) – Ellis
  16. Stories USA (2007) – Hayden Field (Segment “Life Makes Sense If You’re Famous”)
  17. One Day as a Lion (2023) – Jackie Powers (Also writer and executive producer)
  18. Rock the Kasbah (2015) – Jake
  19. Sonny (2002) – Jesse
  20. Mercy (2009) – Johnny Ryan (Also writer and producer)
  21. In Enemy Hands (2004) – Lieutenant Commander Randall Sullivan
  22. Friends with Money (2006) – Mike
  23. Enemy of the State (1998) – NSA Agent Jones
  24. Meet Dave (2008) – Officer Dooley
  25. Boiler Room (2000) – Richie O’Flaherty
  26. Deep in the Valley (2009) – Rod Cannon
  27. Nowhere to Go (1998) – Romeo
  28. 3 Geezers! (2013) – Scott
  29. Black and White (1999) – Scotty
  30. Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star (1995) – Sean
  31. Ready to Rumble (2000) – Sean Dawkins
  32. A Boy Called Hate (1994) – Steve / Hate
  33. Last Resort (1995) – Strut
    • Nominated for Critics Award at CineVegas (shared with Harvey Silver)
  34. Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) – Timmy ‘Tumbler’ Tummel
  35. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Turk Malloy
    • Nominated for MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Team
    • Nominated for Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Acting Ensemble
  36. Ocean’s Twelve (2004) – Turk Malloy
  37. Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) – Turk Malloy
    • Nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Chemistry

TV Shows

  1. Entourage (2009–2011) – Scott Lavin (19 episodes)
  2. Hawaii Five-0 (2010–2020) – Danny “Danno” Williams (Main cast)
    • TV Guide Award for Favorite Bromance (shared with Alex O’Loughlin) (2013)
    • Nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2011)
    • Nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor: Action (2013)
  3. NCIS: Los Angeles (2012) – Danny “Danno” Williams (Episode: “Touch of Death”)
  4. Vice Principals (2017) – Sweat Dogs Trainer (Episode: “Think Change”)
  5. Alert: Missing Persons Unit (2023–present) – Jason Grant (Main cast)

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