Sharon Mobley Stow: The Woman Behind the CNN Journalist

Sharon Mobley Stow

Sharon Mobley Stow is a name that may not be familiar to many, but her connection to a well-known CNN journalist has brought her into the limelight.

As the ex-wife of Jim Acosta, Sharon has managed to maintain a low profile while navigating the world of fame and media.


Sharon Mobley Stow, a dedicated nurse and the ex-wife of CNN journalist Jim Acosta.
Sharon Mobley Stow: A dedicated nurse navigating life post-divorce from CNN journalist Jim Acosta. [PHOTO; Journalistbio]

Sharon Mobley Stow Background

Here’s the information in a table format:

Background InformationDetails
Birth DateDecember 26, 1970
BirthplaceSeverna Park, Maryland, USA
ParentsJoy Johnson and W. Kent Stow
SiblingsSteven (brother), Michelle Marie Stow Vance (sister)
EducationJames Madison University, Virginia
ProfessionRegistered Nurse
Known ForEx-wife of CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta

Sharon Mobley Stow has led a private life since her divorce from Jim Acosta.

She continues to work as a nurse in Maryland.

A Career in Nursing

Sharon is not just known for her marriage to Jim Acosta.

She is a registered nurse in Maryland, having received her nursing license on September 14, 2015.

Her dedication to her profession showcases her commitment to helping others.

Marriage to Jim Acosta

Sharon and Jim Acosta were college sweethearts, marrying shortly after graduation in a private ceremony in 1994.

Their marriage lasted for 24 years, during which they had three children.

However, they divorced in 2017.

Jim Acosta’s career

Jim Acosta is known for his work as a broadcast journalist and anchor.

He is currently the chief domestic correspondent for CNN.

Previously, Acosta served as the network’s chief White House correspondent during the Trump administration.

He gained national attention for his clashes with President Donald Trump at press briefings.

Acosta also covered the Obama administration as CNN’s senior White House correspondent.

His reporting has spanned several significant events and administrations, making him a recognized figure in broadcast journalism.

Life After Divorce

Since her divorce from Jim Acosta, Sharon has kept a low profile.

There’s no news about a new husband or significant other in her life.

She continues to work as a nurse and live a quiet life away from the media spotlight.


Sharon Mobley Stow may be known for her connection to Jim Acosta, but she is much more than just an ex-wife of a famous journalist.

As a dedicated nurse, she has carved out her own path.

Despite the end of her marriage, she continues to lead a fulfilling life, proving that there is life after fame.

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