Simon Guobadia Net Worth: How He Became a Multi-Millionaire Businessman

Simon Guobadia Net Worth: How He Became a Multi-Millionaire Businessman

Simon Guobadia has been thrust into the spotlight due to his whirlwind romance and engagement with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams.

In this article, delve into Simon Guobadia’s net worth, career, and personal life, unraveling the details that define the man behind the recent buzz.

Explore the story of Simon Guobadia, from his career achievements to the unfolding chapters of his personal journey.

An image depicting Simon Guobadia, a successful entrepreneur with significant net worth.
Simon Guobadia, a testament to entrepreneurial success and financial growth. [PHOTO: Instagram]

Simon Guobadia’s Background and Education

Born on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria, Simon Guobadia’s life took a transformative turn when he relocated to the United States in 1986.

His pursuit of academic excellence led him to the University of the District of Columbia.

Where in 1993, he earned a degree in accounting, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Entering the corporate realm, Guobadia carved a path of success as a tax manager at Deloitte, one of the prestigious Big Four accounting firms.

For seven years, he navigated the intricacies of financial management, contributing his expertise to the corporate landscape.

Simon Guobadia’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Simon Guobadia, a dynamic entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark across various industries.

As the Founder and CEO of SIMCOL Group, he oversees entities like Simcol Petroleum Limited Company.

And KLC Petroleum Transport, playing a pivotal role in the fuel supply and distribution sector.

With major contracts from industry giants like Delta Airlines, Chevron, and Shell, his influence extends far beyond conventional boundaries.

In addition to his ventures in the fuel industry, Simon Guobadia is an executive producer and film financier.

Thus, backing noteworthy projects such as “Jail Dogs,” “Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre,” “Kill,” and “Son of the South.”

His entrepreneurial spirit also extends to Atlanta’s culinary scene, where he has owned and operated establishments like Time, Buckhead Bottle Bar, and Simon’s Restaurant.

The multifaceted entrepreneurial journey of Simon Guobadia sees business acumen intertwining with ventures in film production and the hospitality industry.


Philanthropic Activities

Simon Guobadia, a successful businessman, goes beyond business prowess to embody the spirit of a generous philanthropist.

His support extends to various causes, with a consistent commitment to Northpoint Ministries—a faith-based community spanning seven churches in metro Atlanta.

Furthermore, Guobadia actively engages in mentoring and advising young entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders, playing a vital role in helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Witness the philanthropic endeavors of Simon Guobadia, where his impact transcends business success.

Therefore, creating a meaningful difference in the community and mentorship landscape.

Simon Guobadia’s NetWorth

Simon Guobadia’s net worth is estimated at around $40 million as of 2024.

His financial success stems from founding and leading SIMCOL Group, a key player in the fuel supply and distribution sector.

Beyond business, Guobadia owns restaurants, bars in Atlanta, and has backed various film projects as an executive producer.

A philanthropist at heart, he supports causes like Northpoint Ministries.

And empowers young entrepreneurs, showcasing a commitment to both business and positive societal impact.

Simon Guobadia’s Personal Life

Simon Guobadia has been married three times and has five children from his previous marriages.

His first wife was Tanya Sam, whom he married in 1998 and divorced in 2003.

His second wife was Daphne Guobadia, whom he married in 2004 and divorced in 2014.

Also, his third wife was Falynn Guobadia, whom he married in 2019 and separated from in April 2021.

Simon Guobadia announced his engagement to Porsha Williams, a reality TV star and activist, on May 10, 2021, less than a month after his split from Falynn.

He proposed to her with a stunning emerald-cut diamond ring, reportedly worth $1 million.

He said that he and Porsha checked all of each other’s boxes, and that he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her.


Simon Guobadia is a multi-millionaire businessman who has built his empire from scratch.

He is the CEO of SIMCOL Group, a film producer, a restaurateur, and a philanthropist.

He is also the fiancé of Porsha Williams, a popular TV personality and activist.

Simon Guobadia’s net worth is estimated at $40 million, making him one of the richest men in Atlanta.

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