Sonji Roi: Interesting Facts About Mohammad Ali’s Ex-Wife

Sonji Roi and Muhammad Ali’s meeting, romance, and subsequent marriage resembled a fairy tale. It all began when the famous boxer crossed paths with a stunning cocktail waitress.

Their connection was immediate and intense, leading Ali to propose to Sonji. Swiftly, their relationship transitioned into marriage.

But their marital bliss was short-lived. Now, let’s delve into Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife’s narrative.

Sonji Roi

Sonji Roi Biography

Sonji gained fame as the ex-wife of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali.

In July 1964, Sonji crossed paths with Ali. Surprisingly, on their first night together, Ali proposed, and shortly thereafter, they tied the knot on August 14th of the same year.

The wedding took place in Gary, Indiana. At that time, Ali had not yet converted to Islam and was still known as Cassius Marcellus Clay.

Consequently, Sonji was referred to as Mrs. Sonji Clay. Unfortunately, information about her early life, parents, and siblings remains elusive.

However, their marriage was short-lived, lasting only two years.

The primary reason for their separation stemmed from Ali’s conversion to Islam. Sonji struggled to embrace and adapt to the Muslim traditions and religious practices.

Following her divorce, Sonji relocated from Miami to Chicago, where she encountered her second husband, Reynaldo Glover.

Reynaldo was a corporate lawyer and business advisor who had also served as the chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago.

Together, they welcomed a son named Brian Reynaldo Jr. Regrettably, this second marriage was also brief.

Additionally, Sonji had another son named Herman Griffin from a different relationship.

Tragically, Sonji passed away in 2005 at her home due to a heart attack.

Muhammad Ali proposed the night they met