The Woman Behind the Comedy Genius: Jack Black Wife

Jack Black a famous actor in movies like School of Rock, Jumanji, and Tropic Thunder is Husband to Tanya Haden.

An image of Jack black and his wife Tanya Haden
Jack Black and his wife Tanya Haden posing for a photo after an event. Photo:

He’s also a musician and a funny comedian.

He’s also been married to Tanya Haden, who is also a musician, since 2006.

They got married quickly after meeting and dating for a short time.

They knew each other from when they were students at a special school in Santa Monica, California.

Now, they’re happy parents with two sons.

Who is Tanya Haden?

She and Jack tied the knot in 2006 after a whirlwind romance.

But Tanya’s story goes beyond her marriage to Jack Black.

An Image of Tanya Haden, Jack Black wife
Tanya Haden posing for a photo after an event.

She comes from a creative family; her father is the legendary jazz musician Charlie Haden. Tanya herself is a skilled musician, primarily playing the upright bass and contributing to various musical projects.

Additionally, she’s known for her artistic endeavors, including her work in visual arts and animation.

Tanya and Jack’s relationship has endured over the years, and together they’ve built a loving family with their two sons.

What does Tanya Haden do?

Tanya Haden, hailing from New York, is not only recognized for her musical talents as a cellist and vocalist but also for her contributions to various Los Angeles-based bands, including the Silversun Pickups, as noted by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.

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Tanya Haden performing live on stage.
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Her musical prowess is undoubtedly inherited from her father, the esteemed jazz bassist Charlie Haden, whose family background in music dates back to his upbringing, as highlighted by NPR.

Tanya, along with her siblings Petra, Rachel, and Josh, had the honor of collaborating with their father on his 2008 album “Rambling Boy,” which also featured her husband, Jack Black, showcasing their familial musical bond.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Tanya is a versatile artist, engaging in performance art and painting.

She furthered her artistic journey by obtaining an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, where she delved into the realm of experimental animation.

Tanya Haden is also known for being part of a cool band called Let’s Go Sailing.

Their songs have been on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

She’s also creative with puppets, making a fun show called Imaginary Bear.

Choose wisely!

Black, whose parents are divorced, once believed marriage wasn’t right for him until he met Haden.

“Before Tanya, I didn’t see myself getting married,” Black shared with Parade.

“I saw how my parents’ marriage ended, and I didn’t want to go through that. I was set on never getting married.”

Fast forward to 2020, and Black celebrated 14 years of marriage with a heartfelt tribute to Haden on Instagram.

“Happy Anniversary my love… 14 years! You mean everything to me,” he wrote.

Haden also expressed her love for Black on social media, saying, “Happy birthday m’love, I’m grateful for your existence.”

When asked about the secret to their enduring marriage, Black told Entertainment Tonight, “Choose wisely. We were fortunate to find each other. Love’s chemistry is a mystery, but I’m just grateful we’re still madly in love.”

Is Tanya Haden a Triplet?

Haden’s sisters Petra and Rachel are also musicians.

An Image of Tanya Haden and Her Triplets
Tanya Haden and her Triplets Photo:

They formed a band called That Dog in the 1990s, and later on, the three siblings came together as The Haden Sisters, focusing on country music.

During the promotion of their album, The Family Songbook, Haden shared their process of writing harmonies with NPR.

“We usually just naturally gravitate towards harmony,” she explained. “But we’ll switch around during a song. Like, on the chorus, Petra sings high, I sing middle, and Rachel sings low. Sometimes on a verse, we’ll switch parts without thinking. So when we try to recall, we’ll listen to the recording and struggle to tell our voices apart. I’ll ask, ‘Is that you? Or is that me?'”

Additionally, Haden has a brother named Josh.


Haden and Black are proud parents to sons Samuel, born in June 2006, and Thomas, born in May 2008.

An image of Jack Black and His family
Jack black, His wife Tanya Haden together with their kids.

Now, teenagers, the boys have inherited their parents’ musical talents.

“I always encourage my boys to follow their musical passions,” Black told PEOPLE in 2023. “But they prefer if I don’t talk about it much. They’re not keen on me sharing their adventures in that area.”

He added, “I’m really proud of them when they express their creativity. It’s also great being close to their mother’s side of the family. We’ve had some fun jam sessions and even did a couple of concerts together.”

Black mentioned that his older son, Samuel, has an interest in filmmaking.

In 2022, he shared with PEOPLE, “Sammy, my 15-year-old, enjoys hearing my stories about Hollywood adventures. He asked, ‘Can I make a movie about your Hollywood adventures, but without mentioning you?’ I said, ‘Absolutely. Go for it, my son. My stories are yours now.'”

Does the couple perform together?

Haden and her husband share a passion for various forms of artistry. Aside from his acting career, Black is also one-half of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D alongside Kyle Gass. Occasionally, the couple joins forces for unique performances, such as their playful rendition of “Shallow” in 2019.

An image of Tanya and jack perfoming together
Jack Balck and His wife performing.

Black shared their comedic take on the Academy Award-winning song from the movie A Star Is Born, originally sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, on his YouTube channel.

In 2023, Black expressed his desire to collaborate with Haden again, telling PEOPLE that he’d “love to collaborate” with her once more.

Interestingly, Haden also had a part in the movie as Smitten Bunny.

Excitingly, Black is scheduled to return as the voice of Po in Kung Fu Panda 4, set to hit theaters in 2024.


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