Trevor Wallace girlfriend: Love story that started with a comment

Trevor Wallace Girlfriend
Trevor Wallace Girlfriend

Trevor Wallace girlfriend story is a love journey that started with a comment if you didn’t know this among other facts about Trevor Wallace that we will be sharing under this article.

Jessica Lackmeyer, a banker, is the girlfriend of Trevor Wallace.

The latter half of 2020 saw the beginning of their official relationship.

The female banker Jessica Lackmeyer and American comedian Trevor Wallace first met online when she left a comment on one of his social media posts.

They had no idea that particular remark would help them connect, and they have been dating since then.


They Met in 2017


It all began in 2017 when Jessica saw one of Trevor’s social media posts and decided to comment on it.

Although the closure of the Vine platform earlier that year stunted Trevor’s growth, his popularity was growing at this point.

Trevor Wallace became intrigued by Jessica’s remark after seeing it, and he looked up her profile.

He was said to have been pleased with what he found.

Wallace liked three of Jessica’s photographs, which later came to light during an interview Lackmeyer conducted for Trevor and Michael Blaustein for their Stiff Socks podcast.


They both studied at nearby universities

Wallace, a San Jose State University student at the time, also realized that his love interest was a student at the nearby University of Southern California.


Trevor Wallace gf  first date

In Santa Monica, the two thus went on their first date.

They remained friends.

When Trevor Wallace learned that Jessica would be a guest at his upcoming show in 2019, he was already at the height of his fame and was performing at concerts and shows across the nation.

This was the first of many dates that were to follow, and by the end of 2020, the couple had officially started dating.

They are still together today.



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