Victoria DiGiorgio: The Mystery Woman Behind John Gotti

An image of Victoria Digiorgio
Victoria Digiorgio the wife of gang leader John Gotti

Victoria Digiorgio is a prime example of achieving fame through matrimony;

she is well-known throughout the world for being the spouse of gangster John Gotti.

The pair met while they were young and went on to have a family together.

Cyber residents are still curious about her location years later.

  • John Gotti’s significant other is Victoria DiGiorgio, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City.
  • Victoria DiGiorgio has a wide range of interests, including watching movies, reading books, shopping, and traveling.
  • In 1962, Victoria DiGiorgio and John Gotti became husband and wife, and they have five children together.
  • They estimate Victoria DiGiorgio’s fortune to be more than $2 million.

Who is Victoria Digiorgio?

On December 5, 1942, Victoria was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Her mother is of Italian and Russian ancestry, while her father is Italian.

The parents of Digiorgio were New York, industrial workers.

Digiorgio’s parents tragically split up when she was just two years old.

Later, she received a multi-million dollar inheritance from her mother’s father.

Victoria went to a neighborhood Brooklyn high school, but it is unknown what additional institutions she attended or what her occupations were.

Victoria Digiorgio Childhood and education

While Victoria’s mother was born into a Jewish family in Italy and her father was from Russia, the family had recently immigrated to the US.

Two years after Victoria was born, her parents, who both worked in the same industry, separated because they could not support the family.

However, there is a myth that when Victoria was a little older, she received a $1 million inheritance from her mother’s family.

After graduating from a Brooklyn high school, she married John Gotti shortly after, delaying her enrollment in college.

Victoria has never started a profession in any sector and has remained a housewife ever since she married John.


On March 6, 1962, Victoria, who was only 20 years old, wed John Gotti.

Before being married, the couple dated for four years after meeting in a bar in 1958.

The wife of Gotti worked as a stay-at-home mother.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Victoria has been married in the past, despite the fact that she hasn’t talked about it in the media.

Victoria Gotti’s Husband

Italian-born John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940.

He was the fifth kid out of thirteen, and he lived in abject poverty as a child.

John left high school at the age of 16 to join the Fulton-Rockaway Boy, a gang connected to the mafia.

After killing Paul Castellano, the then-leader of the Gambino family, in a nighttime shootout on December 16, 1985, Gotti ascended to become their gang boss.

Until the law caught up with him, the Italian native prospered as a mafia lord.

An image of Maffia Boss John Gotti
Mafia Boss John Gotti

In 1992, Digiorgio’s husband was detained after a rival businessman sold him to the FBI.

The Mafia boss was found guilty by the police of racketeering, five killings, tax evasion, illegal gambling, and conspiracy to murder.

He was held at the Marion medium-security prison in Southern Illinois after receiving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The former gangster’s throat cancer was discovered in 1998, and he passed away on June 10th, 2002.

The wife of John Gotti was well aware of her husband’s nefarious practices and vehemently opposed them.

She never talked about them in public though.

No matter how much money they made through Gotti’s horrible deeds, the family led a modest life.

Victoria regarded Gotti as a man with strong family values despite his reservations.

So she would tell the kids that their father was abroad on business as a plumbing supplier working to build a prison whenever the arm of the law caught up with her husband and forced him to spend a lot of time away from home.

Victoria and John Gotti’s children

Angel Gotti, John A. Gotti, Frank Gotti, Peter J. Gotti, and Victoria Gotti are the couple’s five children.

At the age of 12, one of their boys, Frank, was killed in a car accident.

He was out riding his bike when a family neighbor who was intoxicated ran him down.

Before bystanders spotted and stopped the vehicle, the driver had been dragging the man for roughly 200 feet.

Victoria was devastated by this awful catastrophe, and for almost a year she suffered from despair.

She too thought of killing herself, but she gradually recovered and went back to her regular life even without her kid.

The other four kids have developed great professional careers.

Victoria is an author and media personality that has a whopping net worth of $2 million.

John A. Gotti was detained by American law enforcement in 1998 for extortion and gambling.

Gotti had surreptitiously signed his kid up to join the Gambino family, which the family was unaware of.

He was kept inside bars until 2009 when he was let go.

The jury’s assigned members were unable to reach a consensus, which forced the court to declare a mistrial.

Then, the prosecution opted against bringing Gotti Jr. to trial again.

Victoria, who even accepted a mother’s appeal for her kid, played a big part in his release.

John Gotti Jr. is one of the wealthiest criminals in the world, just like his father.

He is worth $10 million financially.

Where is Victoria Digiorgio now?

Victoria had always led a secluded life, but with the passing of her husband, she became even more secretive.

She doesn’t use any social media.

Victoria Gotti, who frequently makes media appearances, appears to have taken over as the family spokesman, though.

Although no information about the 78-year-old’s revenue-generating endeavors is publicly available, it is rumored that she owns multiple firms.

The estimated $2 million net worth of Victoria Digiorgio.

Digiorgio published The Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti, her debut novel, in 2009.

The book served as the inspiration for Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter, a TV series starring Victoria.

Victoria Digiorgio and her late husband resided in Queens, New York, at their home.

Most likely, the mother of four is still residing there.

Now that she has children and grandchildren, she is enjoying life.

Victoria Digiorgio epitomizes unwavering love, tenacity, and fortitude.

It takes incredible bravery to persevere through all of life’s setbacks.

She has been able to provide for herself and her children while married to an infamous felon.

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