Wally Lewis Illness: The Reason Behind the Rugby League Legend’s Departure from Channel Nine

Wally Lewis Illness: The Reason Behind the Rugby League Legend’s Departure from Channel Nine
Wally Lewis, also known as “The King”, is a rugby league legend who has been working as a sports presenter for Channel Nine for 24 years.

However, he has recently announced that he is stepping down from his role due to health reasons.

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Wally Lewis illness: The rugby league legend reveals why he is leaving Channel Nine after 24 years due to his epilepsy and other health issues/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Lewis has been living with epilepsy for decades and has also suffered from other eye and brain conditions.

In this article, we will look at what illness Wally Lewis has, how it has affected his life and career, and what his plans are for the future.

What Illness Wally Lewis Has

Wally Lewis has been diagnosed with epilepsy, a neurological disorder that causes seizures.

He first experienced a seizure in 1986, when he was playing for the Brisbane Broncos.

He kept his condition a secret for 20 years until he collapsed on air while presenting the sports news for Channel Nine in 2006.

underwent brain surgery in 2007 to help with his epilepsy, but the condition has worsened since then.

He has had several seizures in public, including one in 2018 when he was hosting the Queensland Sports Awards.

He has also revealed that he has suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, and memory loss due to his epilepsy.

In addition to epilepsy, Lewis has also battled through other health issues, such as broken arms,

fractured legs and cheekbones, and a bout of corneal erosion and dry eye disease.

In 2021, he revealed that he had a secret health battle that could have seen him lose his eyesight due to

multiple undiagnosed conditions.

He said he had blurred vision and severe headaches for several days, which he thought were migraines.

He later found out that he had corneal erosion, dry eye, and inflammation of the eye.

How It Has Affected His Life and Career

Wally Lewis’s illness has had a significant impact on his life and career.

He has had to cope with the physical pain, emotional distress, and social stigma of having epilepsy.

has also had to deal with the side effects of medication, such as weight gain and mood swings.

He has said that his epilepsy has affected his confidence, self-esteem, and relationships.

Despite his illness, Lewis has managed to achieve remarkable success in his life and career.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest rugby league players of all time, having played 301 first-

grade games for the Brisbane Broncos and the Gold Coast Seagulls.

also represented Queensland 31 times and Australia 33 times in State of Origin and international matches.

He captained both teams to multiple victories and was named the player of the series six times.

He is also a respected sports presenter who has been working with Channel Nine since 1998.

has covered various sports events, such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the Rugby World

Cup, and the State of Origin.

He has also hosted several sports shows, such as The Footy Show and The Sunday Footy Show.

He has won several awards for his broadcasting work, such as the Logie Award for Most Popular Sports Presenter in 2000.

What His Plans Are for the Future

Wally Lewis has announced that he is stepping down from his role as Nine News sports presenter effective immediately.

He said that his health “made decisions for me in the past so it’s my turn to make decisions for my health.”

He added that “while I’ll take more of a back seat role in the studio, 9 News viewers can still expect me to

keep them up-to-date on the highs and lows of local and international sport.”

Lewis will not return to the studio in 2023 but will remain with Channel Nine in a reduced capacity.

He will continue to call Wide World of Sports home and will be involved in some special Nine programs

that are in the pipeline.

He will also maintain his ongoing involvement with the Queensland Rugby League and FOGS (Former Origin Greats).

Lewis said that he is looking forward to having more time for himself and his family.

He said that he is grateful for the support he has received from Channel Nine and his fans over the years.

He said that he is proud of what he has achieved in his life and career and that he is optimistic about his future.

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