Who is Nate Hochman? Ron DeSantis fires staffer over Nazi campaign video

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis removed Nate Hochman, a communications staffer, from his presidential campaign on Tuesday, July 25.

This decision came after Hochman retweeted a video over the weekend that featured Nazi imagery superimposed on the Governor’s face.

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Who is Nate Hochman?
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Although Nate Hochman promptly deleted his retweet, a screenshot of the post quickly spread on Twitter.

In the subsequent press conference on Tuesday, a campaign official for Governor Ron DeSantis announced Hochman’s termination.

“Nate Hochman is no longer with the campaign and we will not be commenting on him further.”

The spokesperson refrained from confirming or denying whether Nate Hochman’s post of the Nazi campaign video, as reported by Semafor, was the cause of his abrupt termination.

As of now, Hochman has not made any public statements regarding his dismissal from Governor DeSantis’ presidential campaign.

Nate Hochman has been a staff-writer

Nate Hochman is a professional communications staff writer with a diverse background, having worked for prominent publications such as The New York Times and National Review, among others.

His LinkedIn profile reveals a history of freelance writing for Various and an editorial internship at The American Mind.

In addition, he has served as a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow for The Fund for American Studies and as a conservative fellow for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Hochman’s impressive career includes being an honors scholar at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a Publius Fellow at The Claremont Institute, and a Summer ISI Fellow at The Dispatch.

He has also contributed to the print magazine, The Week, and worked as an associate contributor for the journal, Young Voices.

Furthermore, Nate Hochman achieved victory in the 2019 AEI Summer Honors Academy Debate organized by The American Enterprise Institute.

As a political science and journalism graduate from Colorado College, he has contributed to the WSJ Noted Advisor Network and earned the prestigious Hohbach Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Political Science.

Hailing from Washington D.C., Hochman holds lifetime memberships in the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society and The Blue Key Honors Society.

He identifies as a conservative environmentalist.

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign has fired over 40% of its original staff since its launch

Nate Hochman’s termination might be attributed to the recent downsizing effort that was initiated due to concerns over expenses and a large staff footprint, as reported by NBC News.

Since its launch in late May, the campaign has already fired at least 38 staffers, including 26 on Tuesday afternoon, as disclosed by Politico.

Hochman’s situation may have been influenced by his act of sharing a video from the @desantiscams Twitter account.

This video not only criticized former President Donald Trump but also featured a doctored image of DeSantis in front of a sonnenrad, a symbol associated with Nazis, white supremacists, and fascist sympathizers.

The video was first noticed by Republican strategist Luke Thompson, who has been critical of DeSantis’ presidential campaign.

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