Why is boycott Etsy trending?

Why is boycott Etsy trending? Find out more in this article.

On Thursday, July 27, a hashtag #boycott Etsy began gaining popularity on Twitter.

This occurred shortly after the well-known e-commerce platform, Etsy, faced allegations of prohibiting merchandise containing slogans in support of detransitioners.

Detransitioners are individuals who have chosen to halt or reverse their gender transition process.

The incident originated when a Twitter user using the handle @FunkGodArtist shared an email on the platform, claiming it was from Etsy.

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Why is boycott Etsy trending?
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According to the user, the email warned her against selling merchandise featuring slogans such as “Believe Detransitioners – First Do No Harm” and “De-Trans Awareness,” or face potential account suspension.

In addition, the tweet mentioned that Etsy had previously banned the user’s “Funky Human Female” t-shirts the month before.

The user further accused the e-commerce platform of showing bias against free speech, women, and survivors of medical trauma.

Consequently, the Twitter user called on fellow users to amplify her post by sharing and boosting it.

As a result, many people joined her cause, leading to the trending hashtag #boycottEtsy on Twitter.

All you need to know about Etsy’s detransitioning merchandise controversy

After @FunkGodArtist’s tweet went viral, numerous users rallied behind her, causing the hashtag #boycottEtsy to gain traction on the social media platform.

As an example, another user highlighted that the e-commerce website continued to offer merchandise that was anti-TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).

This observation implied that Etsy appeared to support individuals who opposed the inclusion of transgender people in women’s spaces and allegedly promoted violence against the transgender community.

Twitter users also shared images of merchandise available on the site, including t-shirts featuring slogans such as “Respect pronouns or I will identify as a problem,” “No TERFS on your Turf,” and “TERF puncher.”

Social media reaction to Etsy

Another Twitter user with the handle @Jennifer Gingrich (whose post is now restricted in viewership) used the platform to remind others that this wasn’t the first instance of the e-commerce giant engaging in such actions.

According to her, the brand sells products that seemingly endorse violence against feminists, yet it prohibits any item that contains the phrase “adult human female,” categorizing it as “hate speech.”

Alongside expressing support for the current trending hashtag, she also stated in her post that the e-commerce website holds a negative disposition towards women.

Etsy is a well-established American e-commerce website that has been in operation since 2005.

It facilitates local sellers in offering a diverse array of products, primarily centered around handmade, vintage, and craft supplies.

The platform serves as a marketplace for various items, spanning from clothing and jewelry to bags, toys, and home decor, among others.

In recent times, there has been significant controversy surrounding trans rights.

This is evident not only from the current issues on Etsy but also from previous instances such as the boycott of beer brand Bud Light in April.

The boycott was triggered when Bud Light featured trans-TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney in one of its campaigns, leading to widespread backlash.

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