Why is Gayle King Not on CBS Mornings? Did Gayle King Leave CBS This Morning?

Gayle King, the co-anchor of CBS Mornings, is currently on a temporary absence from the show as she engages in discussions with CNN regarding a potential primetime program.

It’s essential to note that her absence is not indicative of a permanent departure from CBS.

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Why Is Gayle King Not On CBS Mornings?

Amidst discussions with CNN regarding a possible co-hosting role on a primetime show, Gayle King is currently absent from CBS Mornings.

However, it’s essential to note that she has no immediate plans to leave her longstanding position at CBS.

During the 2023 Adweek Convergent TV Summit in New York, Gayle King addressed the CNN rumors in a lighthearted manner, playfully stating, “Me no speak English.”

She emphasized her commitment to CBS, pointing out that she still has two years left on her contract with the network.

Despite the ongoing talks with CNN, Gayle King has reaffirmed her dedication to CBS Mornings.

She clarified this on her Instagram post, confirming that she will continue co-hosting “King Charles” with Charles Barkley on CNN while also remaining a part of CBS Mornings.

The new show “King Charles” is scheduled to air on CNN on Wednesdays starting in the Fall.

Earlier uncertainties surrounding Gayle King’s status on CBS Mornings stemmed from reports indicating a potential move to CNN.

These reports mentioned that CNN was finalizing a deal for her to host a weekly primetime show, and there were discussions about Charles Barkley joining the series with her.

With Gayle King’s clarifications and the official announcement of her new show on CNN, it is now confirmed that she will maintain her role on CBS Mornings while also exploring additional opportunities on CNN.

This situation highlights the evolving nature of the media industry and the potential career paths that broadcasters may pursue.

Did Gayle King Leave CBS This Morning?

Gayle King has firmly stated that she has not departed from CBS This Morning.

In multiple interviews and personal statements, she has emphasized her long-term commitment to the network and indicated that she has no immediate plans to leave her current role.

During the 2023 Adweek Convergent TV Summit in New York, Gayle addressed rumors about possibly joining CNN.

While expressing her admiration for CNN’s head, Chris Licht, she playfully avoided directly addressing the question of leaving CBS by jokingly saying, “Me no speak English.”

Instead, she highlighted that she still has two years remaining on her CBS contract and has no intentions of parting ways with the network.

There have been reports suggesting that CNN might be finalizing a deal for Gayle King to host a weekly primetime show, potentially alongside NBA legend Charles Barkley.

However, neither CBS nor CNN has officially confirmed these speculations.

In an Instagram post, Gayle announced her upcoming show on CNN with Charles Barkley titled “King Charles.”

Nevertheless, she reassured her followers that she is not leaving CBS Mornings.

She expressed excitement about the new venture with Barkley and confirmed her dedication to continue co-hosting CBS Mornings while taking on her new role at CNN.

In conclusion, Gayle King is still an integral part of CBS This Morning and remains dedicated to her position on the show.

Despite the ongoing rumors and discussions about potential roles on CNN, Gayle has made it unequivocally clear that she has no immediate plans to leave CBS.

Viewers can continue to enjoy her presence on CBS This Morning and anticipate her additional projects on CNN.

Where Is Gayle King On CBS Morning Show?

Presently, Gayle King, the co-anchor of CBS Mornings, is missing from the show, leading to speculation about her whereabouts and potential departure from CBS.

It’s worth noting that her absence is only temporary, and she has not left CBS Morning permanently.

During her break from CBS Mornings, Natalie Morales has been filling in as a co-anchor.

Despite being away from the show, Gayle King has been actively engaging with her audience on social media, particularly in her role as editor-at-large of Oprah Daily, where she shares her top TV picks and entertainment recommendations.

Rumors have been circulating that Gayle might be leaving CBS to join CNN, especially after the restructuring of CNN+ (CNN’s streaming service).

NBA legend Charles Barkley confirmed that CNN was considering pairing him up with Gayle for a new show.

However, Gayle herself has denied the rumors of leaving CBS for a reported deal with CNN.

She made it clear that she still has two years left on her contract with CBS and has no intention of departing from the network.

Despite her reassurances, reports from The Wall Street Journal have claimed that CNN is indeed “finalizing a deal” for Gayle to anchor a weekly primetime show on their network.

To summarize, as of the latest information, Gayle King has not permanently left CBS Mornings.

While her temporary absence has sparked speculation among viewers, she is expected to make a comeback to the show.

Additionally, her new show on CNN, “King Charles,” alongside Charles Barkley, will not signal her departure from CBS Mornings, as she intends to continue being a part of both networks.

As of now, Gayle King is not present on CBS Mornings, and Natalie Morales is standing in for her.

Nonetheless, her return is anticipated, and viewers can also look forward to her upcoming show on CNN.

Did Gayle King Had A Plastic Surgery?

Gayle King’s potential plastic surgery, particularly the rumors surrounding a nose job, remains without definitive confirmation or denial.

Despite circulating for years, Gayle has chosen not to address these speculations publicly.

It is crucial to approach discussions about a person’s appearance, including any cosmetic procedures, with sensitivity and respect for their privacy.

As a public figure, Gayle King’s appearance, like that of many celebrities, has faced scrutiny.

However, the decision to share or withhold details about cosmetic procedures is entirely her own.

Instead of fixating on rumors, it is essential to highlight Gayle King’s professional accomplishments and contributions to journalism.

She is a highly respected and successful TV personality and journalist, boasting a long and esteemed career at CBS News.

In conclusion, while the rumors persist, it is important to respect Gayle King’s privacy regarding personal matters such as plastic surgery.

It is more appropriate to focus on acknowledging her talent, dedication to her profession, and her significant friendship with Oprah Winfrey rather than solely concentrating on her appearance.

Where Is Gayle King Now?

Gayle King is currently deeply engaged in her professional endeavors as both a TV personality and a journalist.

For a significant period since 2011, she has been co-anchoring CBS Mornings, a show she has become synonymous with.

Nonetheless, there have been occasional short absences from CBS Mornings, during which Natalie Morales has graciously filled in for her.

Beyond her commitments at CBS Mornings, Gayle King has embraced a new venture with rival network CNN.

She is now co-hosting a show titled “King Charles” alongside the renowned NBA legend Charles Barkley.

This exciting project was officially announced on her Instagram account.

Remarkably, despite this new undertaking, Gayle King has confirmed her unwavering dedication to her role at CBS Mornings.

In addition to her television appearances, Gayle is actively involved in social media as the editor-at-large of Oprah Daily.

She generously shares her top TV picks and recommendations, which encompass a wide range of entertainment, including TV shows, comedy tours, and music, all aimed at bringing enjoyment to her devoted followers.

Gayle King has undoubtedly carved out a remarkable career as a highly respected journalist, having spent over 11 successful years at CBS News.

Her outstanding achievements have earned her an impressive annual salary of $11 million.

Moreover, her enduring and cherished friendship with Oprah Winfrey spans over four decades, further adding to her influential presence and reputation.

Is Gayle King Leaving CBS?

Gayle King has exciting news to share! She has landed a new job on the rival network CNN, where she will co-host a TV show called “King Charles” alongside Charles Barkley.

She took to her Instagram account to announce this thrilling adventure and humorously explained the show’s title, with her as “King” and Charles Barkley as “Charles.”

Despite this new opportunity with CNN, Gayle King assured her followers that she will continue to be a part of CBS Mornings, emphasizing that the network’s morning show remains her favorite.

She wanted to put any worries to rest, as there were previous rumors and speculations about her possibly leaving CBS for CNN.

At the 2023 Adweek Convergent TV Summit in New York, Gayle addressed these rumors and made it clear that she is dedicated to CBS.

She playfully responded to the question about leaving by jokingly saying, “Me no speak English,” and she even mentioned her close relationship with CNN’s head, Chris Licht.

Gayle confirmed that she still has two more years left on her contract with CBS and has no intention of parting ways with the network.

Her association with CBS goes back over 11 years, starting from January after her self-titled show, “The Gayle King Show,” concluded its one-season run on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Why Is Gayle King Not On CBS Mornings: FAQs

  • Is Gayle King leaving CBS Morning for CNN?

Indeed, Gayle King has officially affirmed her commitment to CBS Mornings.

Although she is also co-hosting a TV show on CNN alongside Charles Barkley, her position at CBS will remain unchanged and she will continue to fulfill her role there.

  • Why is Gayle King absent from CBS Mornings?

During her temporary absence from CBS Mornings, Gayle King has been replaced by Natalie Morales.

However, she remains active on social media, where she promotes her favorite TV picks as the editor-at-large of Oprah Daily.

  • Has Gayle King had plastic surgery, particularly a nose job?

Rumors and speculations have swirled around Gayle King regarding possible plastic surgery, yet she remains tight-lipped, neither confirming nor refuting these claims.

Regardless of whether her appearance has been enhanced by cosmetic procedures, it has had no discernible effect on her highly successful career as a journalist.

  • Are Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey still friends?

Certainly! Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have maintained a strong and enduring friendship for more than four decades.

  • How long has Gayle King been with CBS?

Gayle King became a part of CBS in 2011 and has maintained her affiliation with the network for more than a decade.


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