Why is Victoria Justice Not in Zoey 102? Will Victoria Justice Be in Zoey 102?

Discover Victoria Dawn Justice, the versatile American actress and singer, who couldn’t reprise her ‘Zoey 101’ role as Lola in the reboot due to scheduling conflicts.

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Who is Victoria Justice?

Victoria Dawn Justice, born February 19, 1993, is a talented American actress and singer.

Honored with two Young Artist Awards and multiple award nominations, she gained fame on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” and “Victorious” (2010–2013).

Her film work includes “The First Time” (2012) and “Afterlife of the Party” (2021).

Justice also excels in music, releasing tracks like “Gold” (2013) and “Treat Myself” (2020).

A beloved and versatile artist, she leaves a lasting impact.

Victoria Justice Early life

Victoria Dawn Justice’s parents are Serene Reed and Zack Justice.

Her father has English, German, and Irish roots, while her mother, originally from the Bronx, is of Puerto Rican descent.

She has a younger half-sister named Madison Grace Reed. In 2003, the family moved to Hollywood.

While filming “Victorious,” Justice attended Cleveland High School before finishing her education through a home school program.

Since 2013, she lives with her parents in an Encino Hills home she bought.

Zoey 102

“Zoey 102” is a heartwarming sequel to “Zoey 101,” reuniting beloved characters and evoking nostalgia.

Jamie Lynn Spears shines as Zoey Brooks, facing new challenges in romance and career.

The film’s release on Paramount+ on July 27, 2023, was met with enthusiasm, delighting fans.

Critics and viewers praised the captivating performances, witty humor, and seamless transition into adulthood.

Overall, “Zoey 102” successfully reignited love for the cherished series, affirming its enduring popularity and charm.

Zoey 102
Zoey 102 | photo courtesy | People

Why is Victoria Justice Not in Zoey 102?

“Zoey 102” is an American rom-com film, directed by Nancy Hower, serving as a sequel to the Nickelodeon series “Zoey 101.”

Victoria Justice chose not to reprise her role as Lola due to scheduling conflicts.

She expressed gratitude for her time on “Zoey 101” and holds deep affection for her former co-stars.

Despite missing the reunion, she remains supportive and excited about the film’s success. The cast’s bond, evident at their joyful reunion, remains special.

Will Victoria Justice Be in Zoey 102?

Victoria won’t be in Zoey 102. She explained her absence due to scheduling conflicts but holds no ill feelings.

She supports her former co-stars and eagerly awaits the film’s release.

Victoria even attended a reunion event, showcasing enduring friendships. Her love for Zoey 101 and its cast remains strong.

Victoria Justice’s Net Worth

Victoria Justice has been working in the entertainment industry since she was a child.

She started her career as a model, and then she began acting in television shows and films.

She is best known for her roles on the Nickelodeon shows Zoey 101 and Victorious.

She has also released several albums and singles, and she has appeared in several commercials.

Victoria Justice’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

She earns an estimated $1 million per year from her acting, singing, and endorsement deals.

She is one of the most popular young actresses in the world, and her net worth is expected to continue to grow in the years to come.

Did Avan and Victoria date?

Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia have been surrounded by dating rumours, but they’ve never confirmed or denied it publicly.

Despite being seen together and rumoured to be engaged, there’s no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Avan once said they’re “just friends,” while Victoria claimed she’s “single.”

They’ve admitted being “very close” and flirted in interviews, leaving uncertainty about their dating status.

Only they truly know if they dated, but they remain supportive friends.

Victoria Dawn Justice’s parents

Victoria Dawn Justice’s parents are Serene Justice-Reed and Zack Justice.

Her father is of English, German, and Irish descent, while her mother has Puerto Rican ancestry.

She has a younger half-sister named Madison Grace Reed.

Serene Justice-Reed is a stay-at-home mom, and Zack Justice is a businessman.

They are both very supportive of Victoria’s career, and they have always been there for her.

Victoria Justice is very close to her parents, and she often talks about how much they mean to her.

She has said that they are her “biggest fans,” and that they are always there to give her advice and support.


Facts About Zoey 102

Victoria Justice’s role in Zoey 101Lola Martinez, Zoey’s best friend
Victoria Justice’s time on Zoey 101Season 2-4
Reasons for Victoria Justice’s absence in Zoey 102Scheduling conflicts
Victoria Justice’s relationship with the cast of Zoey 102Remains close friends with the cast
Victoria Justice’s thoughts on Zoey 102“I wish I could have been there, to be honest. I’m sad that I missed out on it because I really do love each of them, but I’m sure the film looks amazing.”
Victoria Justice’s future projectsUpcoming film “Sic”


Why is Victoria Justice not in Zoey 102?

Justice was not able to participate in the Zoey 102 reboot due to scheduling conflicts.

She was filming another project at the same time that the reboot was being filmed.

Will Victoria Justice be in Zoey 102?

A: It is not clear if Victoria Justice will be in any future Zoey 102 projects.

She has not commented on the possibility of returning to the show.

Is there any bad blood between Victoria Justice and the Zoey 102 cast?

No, there is no bad blood between Victoria and the Zoey 102 cast.

She has remained close friends with the cast members, and she has even attended events with them since the show ended.

What does Victoria Justice think of the Zoey 102 reboot?

Justice has said that she is “sad” that she missed out on the reboot, but she is “sure the film looks amazing.”

She has also expressed her support for the cast and crew of the reboot.