Zion Clark Wife: Who She Is and How She Supports the Inspiring Athlete

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Zion Clark Wife, bodacious Teitei

On two hand, Zion Clark is the fastest guy alive right now.

The quick American broke the old record after finishing the 20 meters in 4.78 seconds.

Given his powerful torso and arms, breaking the record shouldn’t come as a surprise.

He was born without legs and a significant piece of his spine, which may surprise you.

Clark is an encouragement to everyone who wants to succeed in the face of difficulty since he overcame extraordinary obstacles to earn the title of Guinness World Record holder.

Without his adoptive mother and girlfriend as part of his support system, Zion’s quest would have been considerably more difficult.

Zion Clark Wife Bodacious Teitei

Although Zion is not married, he is in a committed relationship with sexy Teitei.

Teitei describes herself as a fashion model and content developer from New York on Instagram.

Given that the date is listed next to Zion’s Instagram name in Teitei’s Instagram description, it indicates that the couple began dating on January 4, 2021.

She has shared numerous pictures of Zion since then and declared that Zion had met her family.

She gave Clark her support as he attempted to break the record for the quickest person on hands.

I was excited, my girlfriend was excited, and everyone else was excited… Man, it was only for a second. “stated Zion.

Despite not having legs, Zion has an excellent physique.

Zion Clark, a well-known wrestler who has not yet tied the knot, is reportedly dating a woman whose real name has not been made public but who has the Instagram handle (@bodacious_teitei)

“This year is almost done, and I’m looking forward to where it will lead. I adore you, baby.”

Zion did, however, just share a photo from his partner’s 24th birthday.

Both of them appear to be deeply in love.

They have such profound levels of love and understanding.

His fiancée mentioned the day they were engaged, which was 01.04.21.

Zion Clark Age

He was born 29 September 1997 (age 25 years), 

Zion Clark Profile Summary

NameZion Clark
OccupationAthlete, motivational speaker
Birth defectCaudal regression syndrome
PhysicalBorn without legs
SportWrestling, bodybuilding, powerlifting
WrestlingHigh school, college, Paralympic
MessagePerseverance, human spirit
InspirationOvercoming obstacles, achieving dreams

Zion Clark Story: Adopted due to mother’s drug use during pregnancy

Due to caudal regression syndrome, Zion Clark was unable to grow from the waist during gestation.

According to Clark, one out of every 200,000 kids is affected by the illness. Chris Van Vliet.

The fact that Clark’s biological mother overdosed on drugs when she was carrying Clark didn’t help.

At birth, he weighed 3 pounds, and doctors did not think he would survive past the first day. Clark clarified:

Yes, my birth mother was a drug addict who was frequently in and out of jail.

I pretty much had every kind of party drug in my system when I was born.

The majority of children don’t survive through that first day, especially if the mother is soaking the baby with such medications.”

Clark needs two back surgeries just to be able to sit up straight.

Soon after his birth, his parents gave him up for adoption.

He spent sixteen years moving through the foster care and adoption systems, finding loving but inexperienced families along the way.

One family made him sit in an uncomfortable brace while wearing prosthetics.

Clark could quit using the prosthetics once doctors had successfully straightened his back, but his parents insisted that they remain in place.

Clark was adopted by Kimberli Hawkins seven months before he turned 18.

He had already attempted adoption twice, but it didn’t work out.

Fortunately, he blended in perfectly with Hawkins.

“With my mom doing parenting the way she did, if she didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here,” Zion claimed.

“There is no wrestling, no success, no track.”

Zion did meet his original mother, but he has never met his biological father.

He explained to Chris Van Vliet that his mother, Melanie, found him and the meeting wasn’t successful.

Zion Clark Wife Relationship

Despite not being married, Zion is seriously involved with his girlfriend Teitei.

Teitei is a content developer and a fashion model, according to her Instagram account.

Teitei’s Instagram description appears to have a date of January 4, 2021, which corresponds to the beginning of their relationship.

Since then, she has posted numerous pictures of Zion and declared that he has met her family.


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